After a long absence in writing reflection, finally I decided to write it again. Honestly, it’s not because I did not have any time or chance to make reflections. Lazy? It could be. But more than it, there was no thing that I wanted to write. Personally, for me, I think, reflection is more than just write down something happened or what I already learnt. It’s about how I evaluate something and relate it into what I learnt, and then make any conclusion or suggestion, or answer my question, etc. It’s about think deeply what I know and I could do in the future.

Honestly –again-, I could not feel it in the last 5 weeks T.T but because it’s my duty to make “reflections”, then I started make them again today. Hohoho 😀

Reflection week 7

This week, we got independent class. We were given a chance to discuss with our group and prepare a presentation for the midterm test.  What did we discuss? We discussed about all findings that we got from the school during the school experience.

I was in a group with Richa and Sufi. Richa was in the same school with me but we got different class to be observed. Sufi was in the different school with me and Richa. First, we shared our findings. It was more like a telling story 😀 after that my group tried to take a big line or topic that cover all of our findings.

Our topic was about Students’ Need. This week, we only make a draft to be discussed later in the next meeting.
When we talked about “when would we meet again?”, there was no the same day that we could meet, we decided to share and send our next draft by email. We do take advantage from the technology development. 😀

That’s all my reflection for this week. See you in the next reflection.

Ester Anitasari – 2009110009