Planning for Effective Classroom Management

This week is Namirah, Meti and Lega’s turn to facilitate us. There were four subtopics that we highlighted here; developmental differences influence classroom management, management and instruction are interdependent, rules and procedures are the cornerstone of an effective management system, and the first day of school set the tone of the year. They divide us into four groups to do Jigsaw. I got the group 4 which discussed about the fourth subtopic, which is first day of school.

This group motivates me to learn through the activity they designed. It used active learning, which made me not sleepy and always working. The best part from this session was when they asked my group to define the characteristics of high school grader and the rules can be made for them. I love making rules because I like everything in an appropriate place. So, my group and I discussed rules for high school grader to solve their negative characteristics. One of the rules I made in the flipchart is “Put your mind, body and soul in the learning”. It is addressed for the students who are very moody in their adolescence.  For me, that rule has a deep meaning. By putting mind, body and soul sincerely on the learning, I am sure everyone will get the meaning of what they learned.

The most influential topic for me are the first day of school and rules & procedures. I loved them much because I will combine it into one tagline: making rules and procedures on the first day of school 🙂 . I will do it in my first teaching on the first year. For me, rule is very important. It is like a direction to deal with something.

In my secondary school time, I always loved the first week of school. I said it as “story week”. Why? Because every first teacher who entered the class would only asked my name, where I lived, and my hobby. There would be no serious learning process. Teachers would explained what would we learned, what the standard and basic competence are, how many daily exam would be taken and so on. That is why I love the first week. No serious lesson. Recently, as my teacher preparation running, I knew it as setting the tone of the class. I did not know it before when my teacher did the same thing. It really works. While the “story week”, I observed how the teacher’s personality, appearance, the like, and many other. It was an introduction that will affect a whole year impression. I understood that it was very important since I have ever felt it when I was a student.

In conclusion, first day is first impression then it will be the whole year impression. I will be well prepared for my up-coming first day of school to set the tone of the class. Let’s wait.. 🙂


Vanny Septia Efendi