Well, Its my time to write my 2 last week reflection. Two last week ago, it is my group teaching. The teaching is about well classroom management. What the factor that can make classroom well managed. Here, I will share to you my feeling and experience how to teach students (own friends).

Before my groups (Arum, Sabrine, Zaen and I) do teaching, we discuss to design the activity to teach students. We thing that jigsaw group and group presentations has did by last group. Then, we want to do the different with other group to make students not bored. Finally, we design an nice activity. First, student gain attention. After that, they divided into some group to do discussion frist about the material that they have in each group. Then, they do role ply based on their discussion about the material. Then, to more understand they do games. Each group compete to draw the situation that well classroom management. In the last, we and students do evaluation what we have learnt.

Over all, the activity well done. I think that it is effective enough in teaching and learning process. I also see the students very unthusiasm to follow learning process. They are motivated by our design activity. I think because it is a different little with the last group teaching.

About the material, we search from the internet about well classroom management. There are 4 factors that influence the classroom management. Actually, there are so many resources about this material. However, we get the simple one and more focus on the teacher, because we as a teacher candidate that can apply these factor. Also, this material, we hope can be understood deeper by students. There are :

 Establish Credibility. Its mean that, to be teacher have to be credible and able to mastery the content.
 Establish professional. Its mean that, being a teacher have to be profesional. Well prepare, appropiate costum, good in teaching, etc.
 Establish Expectation. Its mean that teacher should make agremeents or expectation about students ability in order to make students are motivated.
 Establish Value. Its mean that teacher in teaching process have to give rile life example that will get students motivation to learn the subject because it can more meaningfull in students’ life.

Thats all my reflection. Good job for my group 🙂