Well, this is the last week before holiday.  The topic for this week is about The Importance of Well-Managed Classrooms. For learning this topic facilitated by Zaenudin, Yeni, Sabrine and Arum. As usual, the activities started by sharing about our learning experiences in school.  This session is lead by Zaenudin. After that, the facilitator asked us to read the material then asked us to do role play that is relate  to the subtopic which is  read. My group got the subtopic of establish credibility. It is said that Students need to see that we (as teacher) are passionate about the subject area we are teaching. Students also need to know that we care for them. Showing that we are credible and passionate in teaching will help us to maintain a well-managed classroom. I had experience about teacher who didn’t care to students yet. He makes students confused and distrust to him. From that experience I learn that as a teacher we need to show that we are capable in subject that is teaching and passionate in teaching. Thus, we care about our students.

After my group does role play, we are also watch another group in presenting their subtopic. I really helped by their presenting in master the material. I learn about the establish professionalism, establish expectation, and also establish value. From this topic, I motivated that a teacher really need to do activities that maintain a well-managed classroom.

Then, after all of group did role play, facilitators asked us to conclude the topic that we got into poster or draw a condition a classroom that has well-managed.

This session show the condition which has well-managed. Facilitators able to prove that well-managed can be reaching. I really motivated to create well-managed classroom because it will help students in understand the material.

Oh, this topic remembering me that a teacher really need a preparation. Here, in Sampoerna School of education I prepare myself to be a great teacher…J

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