Last week was the last meeting of MMSEL Course in this year. Likes the previous meeting, we were facilitated by my friends in learning the material. In the previous meeting, we learnt about how to motivate the students in learning while in this meeting we learnt about how to manage the classroom. Actually, all the materials that we learn every week in MMSEL course are related with each other and all of them are very important for us to learn. Why? Because the materials are very applicable and useful when we become teachers in the future. We have experiences as primary and high school students. Sure, we saw how our teachers delivered the lesson, managed the classroom and motivated us to learn. For some teachers, we might say “he is very good teacher that I have”. But for some other we might say “I cannot learn anything with him, I hope he will be replaced by another teacher as soon as possible” (I don’t know it is same or not with your experiences). The important thing is how to become the teacher who coveted and desired by the students. In MMSEL course, we learn many thing that support us not only to become coveted and desired teacher but also to become profesional teachers. One of examples is the last material, it was about how to manage the classroom.

In delivering the materials. The facilitators used roleplay method, but before the role play, we were asked to share about our experiences during the school experiences. After sharing session, we were divided into several groups to discuss the material and do a roleplay to present the material.

From the roleplay, I learnt about some aspecs that must be considered in managing the classroom. They are:

  • Establish Credibility. Actually, this material was discussed in my group and we did a role play to present the material. Every teacher want Their  students believe in Them. so teachers must maintain their credibility with caring towards the students and showed a good mastery of the material
  • Establish professional, a teacher should be able to be professional while teaching. for example by attending on time, wear clothes neat & proper, and the most important, teachers must have a good preparation before teaching.
  • Establish Expectation, teachers must have to make a clear target on what should be achieved by the students.teachers should make an agreement with the students about the target.
  • Establish Value. in delivering the lesson, the teacher should give the real-life example till the student know the useful of the lesson

I think there is another thing that we have to considere beside the material above. It is about establish comunication. I have an experiences when I was in Junior High School. I was taught by Mr. A. Actually, He was a strict teacher. but he could be close to the students because he always care for any changes in his students. Beside that, he was also good at communicating with his students so that students felt comfortable when interacting with him.  Many students who felt lost when Mr.A moved to another school.

I can learn from my experiences, but it so hard to be applied. I hope from this course, I can learn many things to become a good teacher.

Daenuri Suhendar