After I studied how to motivate the students to learn in previous meeting, this is the time to know how to manage the class. The point in managing the class is not about the students, the class, or other aspects, but the teacher. In class, teacher who can control what aspect that students want to achieve, the expectation, the classroom climate. Teacher is the one who make a way, then students make a choice for the option that lead by the teacher. Teacher as the main actress/actor in the class, so, because of SSE create the next generation of teacher, it’s a must that we could have this lesson.

I learn much from this session. Thanks to co-lecturer Arum, Yeni, Zaen, and Sabrine, you are all great to make the class running well 😉

First, I would like to share what point that should established by the teacher to make well managed classroom. As I learnt, there are four aspects: establish value, expectations, credibility and professionalism. I do remember all those words, because I also can imagine what’s going on in the class when the students perform their drama. That helps me to learn, I do feel motivated from this session. The most impression things was when Meti act as if she is the professional teacher, and when Firzie also as the teacher who did not have credibility to teach the students.

What I want to reflect, based on my experience when I was in senior high school is my mathematics teacher. Let me call her as Y. Y is the most professional teacher ever. She always gets on time to take the class, prepare all the things that will be used in a class. The teaching method is lecturing, so she prepared the lesson to be lead by her, then students just follow her instruction. Her instruction is so clear, the task always get feedback and always meaningful. What she wants is the students can understand deeper about the concept, not always focus on answering the question. Though sometimes the classroom climate was frightened, that is not the part of professionalism actually, but value of meaningful 😀

Actually, managing the class is one of my reflections on teaching experience. Most of students comment on my voice, which is not loud enough to reach the big class. So, my solution during the process of making better voice is I have to make sure that the class that I will tech is the small classes. Hope my wish comes true.

That is my wish, what about you? 🙂

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