Today’s topic is about how to manage classroom well. The third gr
oup guided us to learn this topic, which is consist of Zaen, Yeni, Arum, and Sabrine. They lead this class with various methods.
Began with sharing experience that came from us during school experience last time. We shared about classroom management that is done, it runs out what we have done during school experience and the discussion showed that we have applied well – managed classroom, even just partial.
After sharing, we are divided into several group, consist of 4 until 5 students in each group. And every group accepted mastery sheet. Luckily, my group topic is about Well Managed Classroom-Establish Expectation. And each group should performance in front of class, it seems like a role play, which is connected to mastery each group itself.
First, Establish Expectation: It means, teacher should to have to make a clear target and should establish a setting goals precisely to students. Clear means that the teacher should to make a kind of setting goal which is agreed both of them (teacher and students). For example (come from my experience),when I was senior high school student: 3 month later, the students will face to National examination. My teacher inform to students about minimal standard to pass National Exam, and he establish the goals, that we (students) have to pass NE out of average, it means that we have to graduate with score is out of average. We put the paper which is contained about our goal, that we believe, we can pass thorough NE precisely. And believe or not, what we have done is affected towards establish our expectation.
Second, Establish Value: It means that teacher should to teach the mastery and show to students that the mastery are very meaningful. For example: teacher will teach simultaneous equation, and teacher are necessary to give students real life problem in order students will know that the material that they learnt are related with their real life. Hence, students will be more aware that every subject which is learnt has value and meaningful. Unfortunately, my math teacher in senior high school didn’t do it, I guess. Whereas, he gave us real life problem, but he didn’t establish the value of the problem explicitly, which is it’s meaningful or he didn’t give impressing about the value clearly to students. Hence, students seem like lazy and seems like didn’t have any motivation to learn mathematics.
Third, Establish Credibility. My friends showed a role play which is vice versa with the credibility means itself. Establish credibility means that teacher have to mastery the course and know how to delivery (teach) for students, hence the students will be more understand to mastery the course. Besides that, teacher should be able to care to students. Many ways to show that teacher care about students, for example by calling students with their name themselves, it makes students feeling better, rather than just say : “you who are sitting there, please do exercise number 4”.
Fourth, Establish professional, it means that teacher should be able to prepare before teach and teacher must be discipline. For example: coming on time to the class, wearing dressing properly, and able to give service for students who wants to share about the subject out of class. For on-time point, I’m really impress it because I’m to be more motivate to come early to the school, meanwhile my teacher come to the class on-time. And for well-preparation is very important to build well-managed classroom.
That’s all about the course that we have present. And another point that Miss. Mima explain to us, that are: Classroom management are included physic and physiological. And there are four point that she has explained about how to build well-managed classroom, e.g. : 1) Productive Learning Environment, 2)Classroom management, 3)discipline ,and 4)communication. Actually , the meaning of these points is not so far difference with the previous.
What the key point that I got to build well-managed classrooms in this session, that are: I as mathematics teacher candidate, should be well prepare before do everything and make decision (read: methods), and build two ways communication are also the key point in building well managed classroom.