As the previous week, we were taught by our friends and for this week we taught by Yeni, Arum, Sabrine and Zaen. We learned about the important of well managed classroom. Classroom management is an important aspect of teaching in learning. That is a skill which should be had by all teachers because effective or not a learning process, depend on the teachers itself. “Effective classroom management begins with the teacher. The teacher must plan well so that the students will be able to meet their learning and behavior objective” (Foutz, 2005).

Based on our learning with Sabrine’s group, classroom management has four aspects, which are Establish Expectation, Establish Value, Establish Credibility and Establish Teacher.

Before we learn deeper about it, we were divided into four groups. Each group will be focus on one aspect of classroom management then make a role play from it.
My group got Establish Value to be focused. Based on my group discussion, establish value means that teacher has to establish the values of a lesson when teaching and learning that lesson. Teacher shows the relevant between the material and the real life and also makes students realize that that material is very meaningful. Our group makes a role play about it we make an example of teacher who is establish the value is played by Eritha and the rest of us as her students.
Actually in the real educational word, teachers who are establishing the value in their teaching are still a few. I am reflect on my self as a students, during I was elementary school until senior high school I was very seldom find the teacher who are apply the “establish value” in teaching.

The other groups, is Establish Expectation. This was Pientha’s group. Establish expectation means that teacher needs to set the classroom expectation, it relate with our previous material which is about Order and safety. In order to make students feel safety during learning the material, teacher and students should be make some agreements with the students. Example of establish expectation is teacher and student state the standard of mark for complete the lesson, so they make an agreement about it. It was a quite similar with the previous theory.

Next is about Establish credibility. This was the Firzie’s group, He was as the ‘terrible’ teacher on their role play. He was not mastery the material, he didn’t care and respect to the students. The good one is the opposite of their role play. So, based on their role play we could reflect about the credibility of teacher. From establish credibility aspect, a teacher should be mastery the material well, care enough with the students, familiar and respect (one kind of respect is by remember student’s name). As a teacher candidate, we may not to follow the attitude of teacher that is played by Firzie.

And the last aspect is Establish Professional. Based on this group’s role play, professional teacher should be do well preparation before teaching, including about appearance, and also have to ready to service student who ask out of the class hours. In their role play, Meti as a professional teacher model who teach the student professionally.

After did the role play, each group make a poster about well management classroom that is showed by a picture. And the last activity we assess each other, and decide the poster winner.
I think this group was creative enough in design the learning activity. They involve us in our learning process, such that we were very enjoy their teaching and the material could be understood easier.

Hopefully, we can understand more about how to make well managed classroom, it for increase student’s motivation in learning the material especially learning Mathematics. So in the future, we can be good teacher for our students.

That’s all my reflaction,

Thank You 🙂