This week our class is guided by Sabrine, Yeni, Zaen and Arum. We learn about the important of well – managed classroom, it’s about classroom management. Classroom management refers to all of the things that a teacher does to organize students, space, time, and materials so that learning can take place. This management includes fostering student involvement and cooperation in all classroom activities and establishing a productive working environment. So the teacher must have classroom management to make learning more run well and meaningful.

A well – managed classroom divided into 4 things, there are Establish Value, Establish Expectation, Establish Credibility, and Establish Professionalism.

Let’s see the definition of them….

Establish expectation

The teacher tells to students about his / her expectations to make students determine their goals for the lesson. The students must have clear target. The teacher can make agreement about score that they must to achieve or not only agreement about score but make sure that all of students have their target/goal in learning. For example: i remember when i was in high school, my biology teacher ask us to make a target about biology lesson, she said that “write your score target in a paper, and put it in pencil case, i hope you have high target because if your target is high, you will more work hard to get it, i believe that all of you have capability to get high score. Promise me that you will achieve it okay! Don’t forget to put it in your pencil case, i want you see your promise every day.” She ask us to determine our target based on our hopes, she not force us to get what she want but she give motivation that all of students have capability to get it.  When i opened my pencil case i always remember about my target and i got my spirit to learn about biology.

Establish professionalism it means the teacher can be professional such as:

  • dressing properly
  • well preparation: the teacher can prepare all of tools that he/she need in learning before class begin
  • asks students to respect with each other
  • create activities that make students can participate inside and outside  class and
  • Ready to teach students out of class. I think the teacher can tell students first about her/his free time so they woud not disturb teacher schedule.

I remember when i was in teaching experience, i almost being a professional teacher when i taught in that school, like i dress well and neat. I make a rule in the class that the students must to respect each other, i create activities that makes students participate inside and outside, but i was weak in preparation, i did not do well its mean that i spend much time for  this preparation for only in the begun of the lesson. Hhee..

Establish Value means that the teacher showing the lesson relevance with their life, and also meaningful learning, teachers expressing excitement to make student believe that their teacher enjoy with her/his teaching.

Establish credibility it means the teacher shows that he/she care to his / her students, understand about the lesson that he/she has explain, able to explain it and can make students curious. By showing teacher’s credibility teacher will make students believe him/her.

A well-managed classroom is characterized by a good, cooperative and respectful relationship between students and the teacher, the students’ willingness to submit to the authority of the teacher, and the involvement of students in the learning process. It is a continuous challenge for a teacher to create an organized, caring, and efficient classroom environment. So remember to keep your energy high. 🙂

Anugrah Meti Suryani 2009110021