Finally we got the last meeting of this year. Happily say happy holiday all.

This week we learned with Zaen, Sabrine, Arum and Yeni. We got the material about ‘Well Managed Classroom’. This week we learn through discussion and poster session. I like the poster session, the group presented well and could give us motivation through poster competition. Also role play, and I got establish professionalism. My group and all of group already presented well, and Meti also could present teacher with her way which is made class quite entertain.

Since teachers’ task in classroom is very much, and teacher also becomes someone that very busy in classroom, classroom becomes part of teachers’ duty. That is why, to become a good teacher it is important to know how to manage our classroom. Topics today will have important role for us as teacher candidate since well managed classroom support effective teaching and learning process. As good classroom be managed, as good teacher could manage learning, since classroom as the media for teaching and learning process.

Based on this week material, there are four elements of well managed classroom, which is in this meeting shown from teacher duty. The four elements are established credibility, professionalism, value and expectation.

Through role play that already presented by other group, what I knew and what had been discussed was that teacher should make a class standard to be achieved by all of students in that class, and teacher should monitor the way and process to reach that standard. However, what should we understand is to be careful with identifying standard achievement to be achieved that we should consider not underestimate students with high achievement and overestimate students. As teacher later it was important to determine the standard to be achieve at the beginning. Actually in Indonesia either in public or private school already have standard in each course which we called as SKBM/KKM.

From the discussion we also got more understanding in establish value of materials. This is not easy task because we should always enrich knowledge to relate each course with real life contexts. Through showing the value of each material, it would motivate students to learn since students could know the utility and application of what they learn. In my last school life, it was very seldom to teacher showing the contextual of each material. That is why students could master the content well, but the effect on how students can’t relate or solve the same in real life problems which is knowing problem that familiar is more motivate than just content.

As teacher we should establish credibility in front of our students, the sense of capability in teach and master the contents. By establishing credibility students would belief that teacher is capable for teaching and also impact in students’ self-efficacy, if teacher could why students not, if teacher like and master why students’ not. It brings good impact on students. I actually had experience with this. My teacher show that he could deliver and manage the class but in wrong way, he do violence to students, and I often got hit with iron ruler. Might this teacher want to show and want to be respected by students, however the way he showed is not appropriate. When we become a teacher, it would be better if we establish credibility in appropriate way.

Last, is my group material establishing professionalism. me and my group a little bit confused when dressing include in professionalism. Then, based on our discussion it true because dressing here mean how teacher looking, clean, tidy which would influence learning and might be students’ mood. Professionalism is quite complex, since it almost obtain the meaning of ‘good teacher’. Professionalism would help teacher to improve nice classroom environment, and well managed classroom.

As the last session of this meeting, we sum up and discuss about well managed classroom. Besides showing the fourth of the elements before, the mean of well managed classroom is situation which is support good interactions between students and teacher also among students which is it reflect through constructivist where students could actively sharing and construct understanding.