The Importance of Well-Managed Classroom

This week is my group turn to explain one of the topics in MMSEL lesson. At that time, I was so nervous to stand up in front of the class, although it’s broken when all of my classmates paid attention when my group explained materials. It made me enjoyable to deliver materials. Thanks Friends. 🙂

To avoid bored and monotone activity, my group tried to design fun and meaningful learning activity to deliver materials. By dividing class into some groups, distributed materials paper, asked them to understand and re-explain the materials by their own understanding by doing role play. The purpose of role play activity is to clarify their understanding after they understood the materials by their own understanding.  All of activities run smoothly, all of the group played well. They could re-explain their understanding by role play that they role.

This week, not only deliver materials from my understanding, but also I learned so much from others’ understanding. They connected the materials with their prior knowledge about managing classroom. For in fact, when firzie’s group described about “establish credibility” in counterexample side. The core of their role play described about how teacher establish credibility during teaching and learning.

Talk about The Importance of Well-Managed Classroom, is the widely topic to be discussed. However, my group is just focus on some parts; who is the important role to make classroom in well managed, why classroom have to well-managed, how to make the classroom in well managed.

Classroom management is an important aspect of teaching and learning process. Learning to manage classroom requires diligence and careful planning, but it is worth the effort. Foutz (2005) says, “Effective classroom management begins with teacher. The teacher must plan well so that students will be able to meet their learning and behavior objectives”. Thus, we can say that teacher is the important role to make classroom in well managed, also we knew the reason why classroom have to well-managed.

There are four things that teacher as the important role must do to create a well-managed classroom such as Establish; Expectations, Credibility, Profesionalism, and Value. For establish expectations, when I did teaching experience, establish expectation is important things such as make an agreement because by making the agreement, teacher can control and delivey the materials well. For Establish Credibility, is also important to attract student’s attention then teacher can maintain a well-managed classroom. For Establish Profesionalism, teacher must be plan all activities during teaching and learning. Teacher must be able to organized and ready to teach every day. For Establish value, teacher should able to connect the learning topic into student’s lives, then students will be interested to engage in learning activities.

Unconciously, after I lerned about this topic, I have applied when I did teaching experience yesterday even not all of the list that teacher must do I apllied. I realized that all of the things that teacher must do is important to make teaching and learning running well.

In short, Managing classroom which is designed to increase learning and involves instructional time, engaged time, and academic learning time is important things to make class running effectively and smoothly. Classroom management helps teacher in teaching included students, also helps students to be more motivated to learn and achieve higher goals than others.