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Arum, Zaen, Yeni and Sabrine were my facilitator today for topic 8: The Importance of Well-Managed Classrooms. This group started with sharing session that is lead by zaen. He asked about the worst classroom on our past experience in school visit. I don’t share anything because I don’t have any worst class on my mind in last experience.

This group was motivate me to learn by designing a different activity from another group. They asked us to do role play about the topic we read. I got value subtopic. It is said that as a teacher we should be passionate on what we teach and the teaching itself. Teacher has to be enthusiastic in teaching and the subject so that the students can be enthusiastic as well. I have experience about enthusiastic teaching. I feel enthusiastic when I really master the topic and when I am well prepared in teaching. If I don’t have any preparation,  It will bother my teaching process.Value also talk about the reason behind why we learn so many materials. Teacher has to integrate the lesson to real life application. My group did role play that tell about how the teacher passionate in teaching and connect the material to real life. Teacher also emphasize that this lesson will be used in students’ real life through examples.

Motivating classroom through galery painting is another strategy from this group. I love it because I can design whatever class I want. Although my painting is not good but my friemd can do it. I contributed idea and my friends draw it.

My prior knowledge about this topic is got from another course and several reading. Value is very important in teaching, bothfor students and teachers. By knowing the value will help students to learn and teacher to teach. Even in daily life, we should have or own value. It is not only in teaching but also in every aspect.

So, emphasizing the value of learning is another part of teaching to create motivating classroom.

Vanny Septia Efendi