Again this week we learned with our friend about well managed classroom. This topic that we already learn consists of four subs that are established credibility, professionalism, value, and expectation. Discussion is our characteristics in class. Sharing also becomes the part of our study. Then, what make difference was role play, and it was interesting discussion when we already done with role play because there are some pro and contra in that. Then also poster session was very interesting, this group could motivate us through ‘drawing competition’. But, I think that the most important is not the concrete or abstract, good or not, beautiful drawing or bad drawing, it was more about the value and the meaning of each poster, each poster has strong definition in each poster.

This topic also has important role to support us  later as teacher since classroom management also become the element of teacher task. By learn this topic, we can implement later how we could implement well management of classroom.

This week through discussion, my group have a turn to make a role play about establish professionalism. Through discussion from reading material we know aspect of professionalism, how we care and respect students, also how we are dressing also would influence. Our group also questioned about this. Then we think might be is about clean and tidy, and as Ms. Mima said that teacher is a complete packages. Content, dressing, performance is inseparable. Teacher should consider that, not only outer cover but the quality also. Then, from this, professionalism has big meaning ‘good’ about teacher.

Other group present  about expectation, and the discussion was very interesting when its time. About the grade, should we take exact value for a class or we just state what should be improve in a class? Well, it might be depend on what the need its time…That is why we should consider first when we become a teacher.

Next group had role play in value. As teacher to show value of content is important to motivate students. However, we need knowledge, keep learn to know the relation between school materials with the real life context. In my school my teacher commonly didn’t show the value of math in life, it’s more how to solve problem using formula. In that time, we really didn’t know what the meaning of our study. Hence, we just do but not as the best, why? Because we didn’t know what is the useful of that high level task or problem. So, next time I would show value of each material as I can to my students.

How about credibility? It’s the way teacher show capability and interest with the subject to be teach. It makes sense when teacher not interest or not capable, make students just do the same. So, it’s important later when become a teacher to show our students that we able and interest to teach the material what we teach. Credibility then become important component too in well management of classroom since teacher could show and capable too and interest. It shown from the material handling. Next time, we should show our credibility.

Then, the important of well managed classroom is good interaction between students and teacher, so teacher could create constructivist learning where students can communicate their knowledge.