This week we were taught by Mr. Zaen, Ms. Yeni, Ms. Arum and Ms. Sabrine. We learned about the importance of well-managed classrooms topic. This week we focused on to establish expectations, establish value, establish credibility, and establish professionalism. Establish expectation is teacher should set clear expectations (target or goal) for the class. It is important because students can set strategy or will be motivated more with this expectation. Establish value is how teacher show that how meaningful the activities and material that have been delivered in real life. Teacher should also show their interest toward their effort and success. In establish credibility teacher need to show that he / she care to students. Teachers should show their credibility as students’ teacher. Teacher need to know what and how to teach the material to the class. If one teacher cannot show their credibility as teacher, he will lose students’ trust. Establish professionalism means that being organized and ready to teach every day. In establish professionalism there are several things that teacher need to put concerns more. They are respect and listening, creating meaningful activities and dressing professionally.

I think how teacher manage classroom is very important, because I have experience as a student who has teacher the lack of classroom management. I feel how struggle I was back then when I have this kind of teacher. I even have no motivation-spirit or even love for his class. My teacher came to the class just to ask how our conditions are or give some motivation speech but it does not impact for me at all. Why? Because he only came for 10 minutes and then goes back to his office and left us without learning or doing some task. Even in one semester I can count with my finger how many times I meet him, it was 5 times. 2 times in the very beginning of semester, 1 time in mid semester, 1 time at 1 week before final exam and 1 time at final exam. He teach nothing about how meaningful its study for us. Hence I went to language laboratory or library to watch movie or drama to fill my time (bad student).

I started to think what this class for. As the results when it comes to exam day, I have got nothing to fill the answer. I felt so stress because I think it is not fair if I have bad mark when my teacher teaches nothing to the class. How could I was assessed like that. But I am so glad that not all of my teachers were like him, hehe  I think my teacher only has skill to establish expectations because he always come to the class and begin with his expectations toward us and always asking us what our expectations toward this study. I have another experience in establish expectations, my senior high school always put up a note in 7 spot in eye-catching design so it will be read by all students. The note is about how many days left to go for Ujian Nasional (National Exam).

I also have another experience about teacher’s respect. When I was school experience in SD “S”, I saw a scary action that teacher did in class. Teacher seems did not want any of his students move 1 millimeter from their seats. One time, one student asks permission to go to the toilet. Carelessly he fell down his pencil at that time, when this student want to take it, the teacher ask “where will you go?” while he stepping on his student’s hand purposely. Hence the student dissuades to ask permission. (What a bad teacher) do not do this at your class!!

Well friends what do you think abouth this teacher??

I think that is all from me. Thank you.

Richa Fatimah (2009110007)

For Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning’s Class.