At that day, I was taught by Pak Jaen (Zaenudin), Bu Sabrine and friends. They delivered material about the importance of well-managed classroom. The learning process was begun by sharing moment, guided by Pak Jaen. He encouraged some students to share their experiences in their last school or last school experiences in this semester about how their teachers managed their classroom and its effectiveness. Some students were sharing, including me. I told about my last school experience. I said that I saw a bit similar with Bu Pienta. We did teaching practice in SMA Regina Pacis. If we talked about how the desks arranged, in that school, it’s arranged traditionally. It means that the desks are arranged ordered, four desks in its length/side and five in its wide/going back. All the students were divided into pairs for every desk. The others also told about their own experiences in their school visited.

The second activity that we did is group discussion. Pak Jaen made group based on the wake-up time of us. I thought it is creative enough. Hehee… I was in the same group with The Ulpa, The Shopia, Pak Daen and Pak Firzie. The task was drawing a picture which could represent a well-managed classroom. Then we thought what we should draw. It was not so easy to do. We thought and thought deeper. We didn’t want to draw similarly with the other groups, i.e. drawing a teacher inside of class with some students sat in a group, the students paid attention to the teacher and teacher taught charmingly. We tried to challenge our mind to create differently. Then Pak Daen proposed an idea and then The Ulpa. All of us commented to that. I encouraged them to act, not just giving comments. Miracle would not happen without action. Finally we drew a tree. Then, there was a child who tried to take a fruit from that tree. After that, we added some golden words which could represent a well-managed. That was amazing I thought. It was different from the others and very meaningful.

Both are the unforgettable moments of us. If we talk about well-managed classroom, it is very important to be concerned by every teacher in the world. The effectiveness of the teaching will be maximally happened when the teacher success to manage the classroom. Every teacher has to be passionate to learn and learn deeper about that because it is not constant. It has to be updated by day to day. In other side, teachers also should have their own criteria about well-managed classroom and believe it. It is meant so that they are not confused about how to make a well-managed classroom. In my conclusion, because the knowledge about well-managed classroom is not constant, teachers have to do up-dating information about that and also do research to make improvement. Here, research is very essential to support the teachers’ up-date whether the up-date can be implemented well or not. It will help the teachers in action.