December 12th 2011

Today, here we are, from group 6.

Finally my group became the lecturer and tried to control the class. In this session, we talked about the importance of well-managed classroom. Before that, my group members had looked for some articles (or the other source from book) so that we could give the best for all friends in section A. My group, consist of Sabrine, Yeni, Zaen, and I, finally decided a reading material to be discussed in this session.

Actually, well-managed classroom can be looked from many sides, but the centre of that is the teacher itself. Everything happen in the classroom, teacher has to be responsible of that. The aspect of well-managed classroom that will be discussed here is about four things a teacher must do to create a well-managed classroom, these are establish expectation, establish credibility, establish professionalism, and establish value. From these things, we can know what the effect of teacher’s action to the class management. Then, I will try to explain personally. Based on my understanding, establish expectation is about what teacher wants from the learning activity in the classroom. Teacher tries to guide students to have and state their goals clearly. Like we ever discussed before, teacher’s expectation about students’ ability would affect students’ target. If teacher hoped the high score in their exam, it would motivate students to reach that goal. Second is about establishing credibility. Credibility here is looked from teacher’s passion in teaching in front of the class. Students will not get the point of learning if their teacher does not feel sure with the topic and does not have a spirit on that.  Third is about establishing professionalism. It can be looked from teacher’s discipline, readiness, preparation, and also dressing. The last thing is about establishing value. It is about the activities in the classroom. Teacher has to create an activity that connects to the topic or meaningful, and also link with real world, such that students can feel that the topic is useful for them.

When these aspects already applied in the classroom, well-managed classroom will happen. Teacher can be the model of learning in the classroom, and then students also feel that they are not useless to follow the learning. Although teacher is the point to create well-managed classroom, but without students, well-managed can be useless. So, teacher and students are together to create well-managed classroom.

Cheers 😀

Arum Febriani (2009110029)