Finally it is week 12 with a new topic which is Well Managed Classroom. If last topics focusing on motivation of students, this topic focus more on how to use resources and responsibilities towards the accomplishment of stated goals.

The class begins with Arum, Zaen, Yeni, and Sabrine as the teachers. They divide the class into several groups and each group get particular topic to discuss and make a role play based on the sub-topic at the end. There are four sub-topics which are value, expectation, credibility, and professionalism. All elements should be established by teacher to create a well-managed classroom.

My group gets expectation as sub-topic to discuss. It is stated that teacher should have a clear target as his/her expectation on teaching. By doing this students will focus and create a clearer plan to achieve the goal. My group creates a role play in which teacher state 70 as the class score target. However, from this role play, I learn that target does not have to be collective and in the form of score. It is okay to appreciate student’s individual target because we know that each student has different ability and challenge in learning. Besides, clear target does not always have to be a score. For example, “I can find the integral of trigonometric function” can also be considered as clear target although there is no score stated there.

The second element is value. Teacher should prove to students that the lesson is important and meaningful for students’ life. The role play that my friends perform is about teaching algebra. The teacher gives a real life problem of choosing packet of meals in McDonalds.

The third element is credibility. Teacher’s credibility in front of students is very important. Teacher should know the material given to students and more than that, he/she should also be able to explain it. From my experience as a student, I learn that a credible teacher is not merely the one who mastered the material. I ever had a physics teacher who was very clever. He could solve complicated problems of physics. However, he could not explain to me how those answers appear. He tends to force us to understand his own way of thinking but not ours. I believe a teacher who can explain well will indirectly proves that he/she masters the material, and at the end will prove to students that she/he is a credible teacher.

The last element is professionalism. This element stated that teacher should be well-prepared and ready to help students outside classroom. Besides, teacher’s dressing is also considered as part of professionalism.

After having the role play, each group is asked to create a picture of a classroom that represents a well-managed classroom. At the end, each student votes for one picture in order to get the winner. Voila! Our group wins. We draw the picture by integrating all four elements but actually we do mistake: we do not draw the students! But I believe the message of the picture ca reach the voters J

Overall, classroom management is an essential part for students’ learning. Teachers should pay attention to this because this affects the way of class in achieving the goal of learning.