This week topic is about The Importance of Well-Managed Classroom. When I heard that topic, one point came up to my mind, which is an uncontrolled classroom situation. Whaawwww if I were a teacher there, what should I do?

We started the class by first is sharing our experience in class with Mr.Zaenudin, then we moved to reading and drama part and the last is drawing competition ☺. I am actually not really interest in jigsaw reading that many past group did but this group was different. They asked us to explain our readings by drama. It increase my motivation to learn in that day ☺.

I got the material about Establish Expectations. This strategy is really helpful for me as a teacher to make student more respect and discipline. Why I said so? Because in establishing the expectations, we should make some or several agreements with students, so that they have a responsibility to achieve or pay their agreements. Rules and regulation in the first meeting of school is really important to make a culture in the classroom that is why it’s become a good strategy in managing classroom. But actually we got some mistakes in doing our drama. Actually is not a mistake but a misunderstanding. First we thought that establish expectations is like making an agreement about a standard point or score (in order to make their expectation clear) that they should pass so that students will try harder to pass it. But luckily synta remained us that establish the expectation is not merely about the grade, we can also gather them to pass their own goals and expectation. One of the examples that I told to Synta is like teacher and students together make a calendar for facing UN and write it “how many percent that you are ready to face UN?.” Well for me, this topic is really helpful because I always have to struggle in front of my students because some of them are flirting to me (from my teaching experience and I am not surprised to have them). I always forget to make an agreement in the first meeting but I should try it.

There are three more sub topic; Value, credibility and Professionalism. The value means that teacher should make the lesson important and meaningful for students’ life. The role play that my friends group showing an interesting story about going to the KFC to buy a “paket hemat” hahahaha its funny but its meaningful!!! The credibility means about the teachers should be able to master the material that s(he) wants to teach in the class and s(he) should have an ability to explain the material. Actually I was upset with my friend group whose performing this element because they imitate some of our lecturer and for me the lecturer is good, but s(he) has different style of teaching. The last is about the professionalism. Most of us explain the professionalism by showing the appearance of the teacher. The clothes, the shoes, the hair and etc. but there are many factors that can influence the teacher professionalism. Being an on time teacher is one of showing teacher professionalism.

The last task we should do is drawing the four criteria based on our own imagination in groups. My groups are making a standard picture but there is one phrase that I add into. “Class is your second home.” Voila!!!!! My groups win the drawing competition and the session is end. Thanks anyway Zaen, Arum, Yeni and Sabrine.