This week topic is about The Importance of Well-Managed Classrooms. It is the turn for Arum, Zaen, Sabrine and Yeni to be facilitators in our learning. They started the lesson by asking about our experience during Teaching Practice related to classroom management. Some shared their experiences and some commented on that.

Next, the class is divided into four groups, based on the 4 must do as teacher to create a well-managed classroom:


Each group presented their topic in the form of a role play. It helps me to see how these 4 factors can be implemented in creating well-managed classroom.  It is very rich in meaning because I can reflect my experience on the role play. Since this is not something new but sometime I forget it.

Making a Visualization of Well-Managed Classroom

The last activity: I can say that I do not like to draw so this activity is somewhat troublesome for me. Glad, I have my group members who are good in doing it. But sure, I like seeing drawing. Here is the most liked drawing in our class:

(Group 1: Pientha, Namirah, Zahra, )

Class’ Discussion: Punishment

Classroom management is a wide issue. We can see it from many different points of view.

The first starting is very important. Before going to have a lesson, to set class’ rule and regulation is very important. The rule and regulation should be made based on the agreement between all students and teacher. Here, there must be consequences for the regulation been made. Some agree that giving punishment or students who do not behave accordingly is necessary. But, in what why can teacher give punishment to students so that they will not repeat the same misbehave? Is it that necessary to give punishment? Is there any other way to handle the situation without giving punishment? There are still many pros and cons about this issue. The rule and regulation should be arranged based on the concern of every factor regarding students’ characteristics and background in the first place. This is a complex matter because each student may have different characteristics and background.

In conclusion, I learn a lot in this meeting. Teaching is never be an easy thing to do. Classroom is very complex and there will be many challenges that we have to deal with when we conduct our teaching that creates a meaningful and powerful learning experience for our students.