Last week I learn about Instructional Variables: How to develop interesting in the classroom. I learnt with nice lecture, Shopia, Vanny, T’ Ulfah and Daenuri. Now, I will explain about how they can motivate us as students.

They design a nice activity. First, T’ Ulfa gain students with eye catching object, she bring colorful big bag to the classroom. Then, she asked students to explain their experience about their teaching and learning in High school. After that, students divided some group, and then we did jigsaw discussion with our group. Teacher guide us when we did discussion in group. After we did discussion, Shopia explain in the front of class what that have learned. In the last, there is a game. We have to compete each group. I think this game can motivate us to engage in learning process. However, the game is not too well in management. There some group that is complains. But over all is very good.

Then, about the material, I got new knowledge. It is about how to develop students’ interesting in the classroom. I learnt about Feedback. There are descriptive feedback and evaluative feedback. Descriptive feedback is mean comment from teacher to the students explain by description. Then, evaluative feedback is like judgment; there is evaluation from the teacher to the students. Feedback can develop students interesting to learning because with feedback, students will be motivated to learn. For example, there is student who gets high score in mathematics, and then they will more motivate to learn more in order to get the high score again. Sometime, there is someone who gets low scores also will be more motivate to learn more to get the higher score. So, I think that feedback is very important to motivate the students’ interesting in learning process.
Besides that, I also learn other variable. There are 6 instructional variables that can develop students’ interesting in learning activities. There are:
• Introductory focus : attracting students’ attention
• Personalization : Links to students lives
• Involvement : Increasing intrinsic interest
• Feedback : Meeting the need to understand
• Assessment and Learning : Using feedback to increase interest and self esteem
• Learning context : Increasing motivation in urban classrooms

Finally, I just wanna say thanks so much for my friends who have share with us.