This week, vanny’s group presented the instructional variables, what kind of things that made students interest in the learning activities. There were 4 big topics that i knew:

Introductory focus, it means that we make students focus from the beginning we give students learning material. It might be a real life application story, the used of the material in students life, funny story or interesting story that relate to the material. Teacher should hook the students so that they are ready to learn things.

Personalization: links to stdudents’ lives. As what i knew from the learning in the previous week, this was a strategy of the teacher to take a more concrete example as a part of explanation. The example should be what in the students lives. For example, how many siblings that students have, how many people in the classroom that have a green pencil case, ask students that whose from them had a green eyes, etc. By so many reaserch, it was prooved that this strategy could increased students’ interest in learning.

Involvement: increasing intrinsic interest. It has two kinds of involvement. First is using open ended question to promote involvement. Second is using hands-on activities to promote involvement.

Feedback, there are two kinds of it. Mastery approach and performance approach feedback. Mastery approach is emphasized on the teacher critics on the process of learning but the performance is emphasized on the result of the learning. Both is needed in form of balance combination to interest students in learning.

And the last but not least is assesment and learning: using feedback to increase interest and self efficacy. This assesment must be appropriate in studnets level thingking.

This group motivated me by the learning activities. The learning activities that used by them was actually showing us how to make students interest in learning. It was like real example about the material that was given by them.

In the beginning, they brought us the big bag that contains paper, it was interest me in learning. I think it was introductory focus.

in the middle part, they taught us through jigsaw reading. I think i was little bit boring when this activities were conducted. Because it was happening reapetedly, from weeks to weeks.

In the last part was a game part. I loved doin’ games in that time. The game was guessing body gesture related to the material has just learned. My group got only one time of right guessing. It was interesting me and my group so much.

In my experience, i have found one teacher in a classroom in SD X in kemang. I think mostly she implemented all the material i have just learning. She begins the classroom with the story. Actually, it was the purpose of the learning but she made it simple with the example she embeded in the story. She taught “jarak dan skala” , so she told students why they must learn it by telling them and bringing them the maps of jakarta city. Do you know what was the activity?it was counting the “jarak sebenarnya” from the SD to stduents’ house. I think it was kind of introductory focus and personalisation.

After that, they collected the result to the box as usual. After correction, she called students that needed improval or sometimes needed compliment. I think, she just implemented the mastery and performance approach feedback by telling them “the procces was good, but you misscalculated on this part”, you did a good joob”, and “ well done” etc.

Finally how good you are in teaching, it is noted by how interest your students in your class learning, right?it was your decision to use old method that made studnents bored or else the opposite way. Which one do you use, teacher?