We are now on the topic of Instructional Variables: Developing Interest in Learning Activities.

It’s the turn of the next group to present. There are Vanny, Ulfa, Shopia and Daen who get to be our facilitator in learning this topic. This time, the class is also very fun and meaningful. Even from the first time the facilitators get in to the class.  They brought a big colorful bag which made me curious. They let us wonder what inside the bag and let it locked until the end activity.

The class began, we are asked to form 4 groups and each group discuss different topics. There are four topics:

  1. Introductory Focus: Attracting Students’ Attention
  2. Personalization: Links to Students’ Lives
  3. Involvement: Increasing Intrinsic Motivation
  4. Feedback: Meeting the Need to Understand

I got in the group Involvement. We are given the reading material for this issue. And then, we discuss it together before leaving to other groups. Each representative from every previous groups forms a new group consists of different reading materials. I was in a group with Firzie, Fredy and Icha. We explained our reading in turn. We asked questions and took note to the explanation.

We are already accustom to this kind of learning activity. We often do jigsaw reading like this, so we already know what we need to do. This somehow made me feel bored and sleepy. But, at least I can understand the material explained by the members of my group.

After the jigsaw reading and the discussion, it came to the “climax” activities which is doing “role play and guess it” game. I don’t know the real name. The instruction is each group sent two representatives to play the “role play” while the rest of the class would have to “guess” the terms that been illustrated by the two persons.

This is a very interesting activity because I like playing game and this game is a new thing for me to try. I was one of the representative for the role play.  I played as the teacher and Firzie as the student. It was fun and they can guess all the clue we gave. For my group, we are the winner for the game because we could guess the most. I feel so good about that, basically because I like to win any competition. This really motivates me to be actively participate in the learning. The most essential part of the game is on the understanding of the material not just about winning or loosing, like my friend said.

The whole activities during this session was very engaging and I learned a lot about the materials through the discussion and the role play. I see that every group who gets the turn to be facilitators always comes with different things and very inspiring. I LIKE IT!!