This week we learn with our friends Ulfah, Daen, Shopia and Vanny. This week really interesting. We learned about Instructional Variables through ‘eye-catching’ and experimenting the variables it-self which is presented by this group smoothly. I like the way Teteh bring and give examples of one maerials. We do jigsaw and games in this meeting. I like the way this group deliver systematically and the reading materials also enough understandable for me, myself to understand the content. However, game part is my favorite part but also I feel disappoint too in some part of this game, huhu….. However that is true Namira statement about evaluative feedback which was only a game and we don’t need to really compete with so deeply. It’s only as motivator and that is true we need time, which is sorry to say didn’t stated before. I know the group try to motivate us through this competition games.

This week topic I think very useful for us when we be a teacher in the next time. Because through learn this topic, we could know the instructional variables which is can be used to create motivating classroom since it’s relate to the topics before and other elements such as teacher characteristics, climate variables and so on.

Through Jigsaw I got the material about Introductory Focus then I got in group of Eritha, Pientha, and Arum who are explain about involvement, personalization and feedback. Introductory focus is about beginning of lesson which is in the aim to attract students’ attention and make conceptual framework of the lesson. Introductory focus is actually for build students’ curiosity and novelty that could be done through unique problems, asking paradoxical questions, contradictory results, eye-catching examples and others way. I was very seldom in experiencing with this kind of variables in classroom when in school. What I really remember only when my teacher bring some magnet, it was when I in junior high school and we learned about magnet and it was some kind of eye-catching examples. The remaining I couldn’t remember it or might be no other introductory focus in my class…hehe…The thing that should be underlined in giving introductory focus, we as teacher should give it not only for attract students interest but also to make conceptual framework, relate it to the lesson. So, in the future to make it clear, to build my students’ curiosity I’ll try introductory focus in my class since I realize that visualization or another kind of examples or problems would stimulate our brain to think, to make it more understandable.

Relate to introductory focus, we also should know about involvement. Which is in the aim of us to involve our students in classroom. There are two ways that we discuss in this meeting through open ended questioning or through using hands-on activities. I do have an experiment with hands-on activities. It was in biology class about osmosis and diffusion through experiment. We learned through potato and water experiment. I know exactly when it was diffusion and when it was osmosis not from lecturing but more from this experiment. However, so many things that still be a question that time which is can’t be answered through that activity. So, from here I learned that students would be more belief and know from real, when they do and involve it. It will differ if students really don’t want to involve, the lesson would be just a lesson. So, next time when I become a teacher I’d like to promote students involvement either through open ended questions or hands on activity.

About personalization which is we try to linkages the lesson through students’ life, interest or physical. I like the discussion in this topic. That is the teacher task not to harm students through this. But more to make the lesson interest not vice versa. Might be later I could make personalization through students’ majority interest or else. I should be careful with this personalization since it would be harm if the students feel not comfortable with this.

Last, about feedback, there are two kinds that are evaluative and descriptive feedback. As a good teacher it would be better for our students to give them descriptive feedback to emphasize what already they have and should be improve. Well, in my school many of my teacher gave us only evaluative and grade which is we really got just that no description.