I believe that most of us have experiences in enhancing students’ motivation in learning, of course in teaching assistant program. We have different ways to enhance students’ motivation. Yes, this week we talk about Instructional Variables: Developing Interest in learning Activities. This week is my group has turn to present the material. Actually there are many ways to develop students’ interest in learning activities, but based on Eggan & Khauchak’s book, there are four ways. The first is introductory focus. We can see a teacher in beginning his/her lesson doing some activities to attract students’ attention. This week, to attract students/my friends’ attention, I bring a poly bag in the beginning of lesson. Then, my friends asked that what the purpose is. Sometimes, we can use unique activities to attract students’ attention. This is motivating me to think creatively how to attract students’ attention in learning activities. The second is personalization: Links to students’ lives. We can integrate the material into students’ lives. Not about physically, but also about their experiences or psychologically. By this way, students’ will feel respected and will increase their interest in learning. There is story about a teacher who always links to students’ lives. However, he failed in develop students’ interest because he has linked negatively which makes students’ feel shame or don’t want to go to school. It makes me conclude that we have to be careful in linking to students’ lives. The third is involvement: Increasing intrinsic interest. There are too many ways to make students involve in learning activities. As a leader, teacher needs to choose strategies that increase students’ involvement. S/he can use open-ended question or hands-on activities. Teacher also can use group work to provide opportunities for students to interact and compare their ideas with others. The fourth is Feedback: Meeting the need to Understand. How come a feedback contributes to increase students’ interest? Feedback gives information about students’ progress. By feedback, students will know their work and then they know which one went well and which one need to improve. This is motivating me to always give feedback about students’ work and be careful in give it.

I think this week runs well. I really need to improve how to make students interest in learning process. So many things give me learn in this week. How we choose some activities that not only make students interest but also meaningful for them.

I hope in the future I’m able to make students interest and motivate in learning process.