Again, I would like to say that the MMSEL Course this week was interesting. I really appreciated the group that delivered the material, created the teaching method and activities and also manage the class situation. The topic for the group was about instructional variables, developing interest in learning activities. This topic contained some subtopics that were introductory focus, personalization, feedback and assessment and learning.

Actually, the method that the group used almost same with previous groups, but the difference was they didn’t ask us to present our discussion in front of the class. The group used jigsaw method, so we divided into some groups and got same subtopic and I got introductory focus’s topic. After that, we distributed to create a new group but every member must come from different topic so that the group will discuss different topics.

Introductory focus is very useful for me as a teacher candidate. Obviously, all of the subtopics are important but because I got this subtopic and the article given is interesting so I know this subtopic deeper than other subtopics. Why introductory focus is important, because it is one of the way how teacher can attract students’ attention. From the article that we discussed, introductory focus is a lesson beginning that attracts students’ attention and provides a conceptual framework for the lesson (Marzano, 2003).

I know that it is not an easy task to attract students’ attention, moreover for the first meeting or when we want to introduce first or new topic. It needs skills to attract our students since very beginning and introductory focus will help us to do that. There are some ways for teacher to attract attention.

1. Attract the attention by using unique problems
Unique problems can stimulate students to felt curios like why is it happen? How can? Unique problems like how many lines if you have 29 points and a line should consist not more than 4 points?

2. By asking a paradoxical question
In my opinion, a paradoxical question is like an irony statement to push students into critical thinking process. The example of paradoxical question is like “If Indonesia is a rich country, why still so many poor people there?”

3. Contradictory result

4. By using eye-catching examples
This method I think very effective to attract student’s attention especially for students who have visual ability. The example of eye-catching examples is like when we want to introduce a topic about mammalian animal, so we show a video about a whale as an example.

I try to explain about this introductory focus as clear as I can to other members in my group. And my friends also explain about their topics. Then Vany, one of the tutor groups asked us to share our ideas for each topic. They also push us to give the example, what is it for and to explore deeper the topic. It made me more understand about the content of the topic.

One of the activity, uhm, I must said that I was little bit dislike with this activity was game activity. I thought the tutor group could not manage the class situation properly. We were so noisy and compete each other because the instructions from the tutor group not clear enough. They also seem confuse when we gave them some protest or interruption. I like one comment from Namirah, she said that the focus for the game is not how to win, but it is about how to understand the content.

I also really liked when our lecturer, Ibu Mima invite us to discuss about time management. We discussed about procrastinator. I really interested with this topic because I felt that I am a procrastinator. Ibu Mima gave advice to us that we should change this bad habbit

Sufyan Suri