At that day, the class was taught by Ngkong Daen, Bu Vanny, Teh Ulfa and Teh Via. They brought a teaching material about “Instructional Variable: Developing Interest in Learning Activities”. When they entered to the class, my sight was focused on a very unpredictable huge goody-bag of them. It made me curious to know what it’s content. It was very-very mysterious thing at that time. The color of that bag was sea-blue. My first prediction of the content was reward or thousands choki-choki. Hehehee… However, my small thinking opposed that it’s impossible. Too many, I thought that the content was thousands of choki-choki.

The teaching was begun. Teh Ulfa opened it by kind of interactive activity with us. We were asked about our experiences when we were still in school, elementary or secondary. The telling was focused on how our teacher(s) interacted with us or our friends in school. Some of my friends told. Something that strange was all of them told about the badness of their teacher’s interaction in their class. No one shared the goodness of their teachers’ interaction. However, don’t think why it could be happened because the teaching was not discussed about that. Obviously, Teh Ulfa tried to relate those kinds of experience with that day material.

After Teh Ulfa did her role, then the next part was Pak Daen’s role. He made us into groups by taking “something” inside of a very unpredictable huge goody-bag. Do you know what obviously the content of that bag, i.e. “paper”. Really-really it made us disappointed. Hehehee… We had had high expectation, but the fact was below expectation. Each of us took one and then gathered with someone who had the same. We were given time to discuss and share each other. Then, each of group members was instructed to gather with different members of other groups.

My original group was Bu Anggi, Pak Fredy, Pak Cupi and I. We got material about Introductory Focus: Attracting Students’ Attention. Then, my next group was Bu Yeni, Pak Jaen, Bu Sabrine and I. We were instructed to share each other about our own materials. From my own material, I got many things. First was about what the introductory focus is. Second was how introductory focus could be applied by teacher(s) in class. The third was about how introductory focus could motivate students and many other things. From Pak Jaen, I learnt about personality. From Bu Yeni, I learnt about feedback and from Bu Sabrine, I learnt about involvement. All told me about the definition, the types, the examples and how it could motivate students in their class.

Then, after discussion, Bu Via clarified about materials. Finally, “the very wonderful teacher candidates” engaged us to do an interesting game to evaluate our understanding. Thus, thanks guys for all your kindness to teach us and give something unpredictable. Do not false if I said that all of you were wonderful teacher candidates. See all of you at the real teaching professionally next time. Good luck! 🙂