This week MMSEL course are taught by my friends; Vanny, Daen, Ulpah and Sophia. They were really awesome. They taught us about the important things that should we do in the classroom. The class is opened with Ulpah came to the class bring a big plastic bag and well its interesting. It was so eye-catching and it made me curious on it. I was curious of the bag and what we will go to do for the class. After Ulpah came with a big bag, she asked us about our experience in our class. Well, the sharing session is really helpful for me to start the topic that day. Next is the jigsaw session. Actually I was really sleepy during the jigsaw session. I need something more “moving” activity so that I will not sleepy hehe. But after the jigsaw session, they encourage me to find a group and sharing again what we have read before.

There are four subtopics in that day lesson. Instructional Variables consists of: Introductory focus, personalization, involvement and feedback and assessment. Well I got the personalization: links to students lives. I got the personalization: link to students lives. I just realized that every material that I have learn when I was in high school are not have the connection in the real life. My teacher should make a connection about the material into my lives so that I will know the sense to learn that material. The example is about the genetics that syntax told us, it’s quite funny but it really in the biology context. My father’s eyes are brown and my mom too, if my eyes are black, then how come that it can be? A simple question can attract students and force them to think creatively.

The other subtopics that I learn much is about introductory focus, especially in the eye-catching part. If we bring something unusual into the class or else we wear something unusual, it will help us to attract students attention to us. Like my teacher in high school always did, he brings “kisspray” into the class. So that every students will force to not sleep in the class, or else if someone sleepy in the class, he/she will get embarrassed because my teacher will spray the “kisspray” into his/her face. Hahaha its really creative 🙂 .

Next is about the feedback and assessment. There are two types of the feedback; descriptive and evaluative. Most of my teacher in my high school using the evaluative feedback which is a number from 0-10 or a grade from A-E. when I got the low points I will feel a little bit stressed and its unmotivated me sometimes. But I remembered that my English teacher gave me one paragraph after he gave me score. It stated that I should do more improvisation and he ask me to brainstorm my ideas and etc. I feel like he read all of my work and I feel appreciated 🙂 .

The next is about the involvement. Honestly, from my teaching experienced, the most difficult part is to make students totally involved in the classroom discussion or activity. I get so much information how to force students to be involved in classroom. Using an open-ended question and hands-on activity is the way to have student get involved. I should try it in my next teaching experience.

Then I know that they are all interdependent to make a motivating classroom.

The next activity is about gesture games. Ahhhhhhhh its cool!! But unfortunately, ms.Vanny was not gave a clear instruction so when the games are running, many students are demonstrate and try to revised the rules again and again. Hehehe. Overall this group motivates me to learn deeply about the instructional variables in the classroom and I know I really need this topic for my future classroom.