December 5th 2011

This session, Vanny’s group, consist of Sophia, Ulfa, Daen, and Vanny, handle the class. The topic is about Instructional Variables: Developing Interest in Learning Activities. Classes are divided into 4 expert groups and learn about different sub topics, these are about introductory focus, personalization, involvement, and feedback & assessment.  I get feedback & assessment. Before that, in the beginning of class, Ulfa opens the session and Daen brings interesting thing, which is a big bag. I do not know what they will do with that. I am so curious. Actually, there are some papers on the big bag that will be our reference in discussion about the sub topic.
My group read and discuss about feedback and assessment. It is very common for us because in the 3rd semester, we already learned about that in PETA’s course (about assessment) and in the 4th semester, we learned about feedback in UET written course. We shared each other and Ulfa (as new lecturer) monitor and help us if we get something missing in our discussion. Our new lecturers are so care of us :).
After discussing, our new lecturers ask us to make new group, which is each new group consist of (at least one member of) each expert group. My new group consists of pientha from personalization aspect, anggi from introductory aspect, eritha from involvement aspect, and I from feedback & assessment aspect. We share our own sub topic and discuss if we have something confused. Then our new lecturers guide us to discuss together in class. We share our understanding about the topic it self, what we have learned in group, what the application of those aspects for teaching and learning, and the others important thing.

Here is what I get from discussion:

I learn about four aspects of instructional variables to develop students’ interest in learning activities. First about introductory focus: attracting students’ attention. Based on my understanding, this aspect is used in the beginning of learning to attract students’ attention so that they are interesting and curious about the matter that will be delivered by the teacher. For example, Daen brings big bag when he comes to the class. It is so interesting, most of students in my class are curious about the big bag. That is a good example I think. This aspect is important for the teacher. As the model in the class, we have to bring a shocking thing such that students want to know and follow our learning until they get that curious thing.  Second about personalization: links to students’ lives. This second aspect is one of strategy to increase students’ interest in learning that use intellectually or emotionally relevant example to illustrate the topic. But we have to be careful with this aspect. Sometimes teachers do not pay more attention to the students feeling. Teachers have to do meaningful and understandable learning in the class. For example, if teacher will create a question using football term then not all students in the class know about that, so that will be useless and students will confuse. Third about involvement: increasing intrinsic interest. The involvement is used to increase students’ participating in the class. Strategies to increase students’ involvement are using open-ended question and using hands-on activities. Last aspect is about feedback and assessment. Feedback helps students to get information about progress of their learning. Feedback can be descriptive or evaluative. Assessment is also used to provide feedback to the students and monitoring tool for instruction.

Those aspects of instructional variables are important for us to create a warm environment in the class, that consist of good modeling of teacher, students who have full of motivation to learn, and method of teaching that cover students and teacher needs.

In the end of class, new lecturers give us a game that very interesting. But my group is not the first winner :(. Never mind, the important thing is not about the winner of game, but the rich topic it self. Thank you for Vanny, Daen, Ulfa, and Sophia. You all have done the best 🙂 . Congratulation!!!!

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