last week we learn about Climate variable and this week we learn about Instructinal Variables. Vanny’s group take their turn in this week. first, when they were start the lesson by asking us about our experiences with our teachers. I quite shock when Sufi told us about his experiences with his teacher. I never have teacher like that. after that, we continue our lesson.

they bring the big bag to the class and it makes us more pay attention to the lesson. It called eye catching.It also makes us curious about what is in the bag. they asked us to take something from the bag and then when I put my hand in that bag, I got reading material and they divide us into groups. I got groups with Arum, Synta, Namirah, and I forgot. hhehehe 🙂 we read about Involvement. After we read and discuss about our topic, we join with another group which have different topic and then we discuss another topic. my group was Anggi, Pientha, Arum and I. Pientha shared about personalization. personalization is relate the material with students’ personalization. Anggi shared about Introductory focus. introductory focus is the way to attract the students in learning. The ways are eye-catching, curious, paradoxical question and contradictory result. i remember when I was in junior high school there was my teacher who come to the class using “AMAZING MAKE UP” She attract the students using her make up. Actually, it was not attract but disturb the students. Students disturbed with her action. Now i realize maybe it was the way that she used to attract the students. But it was not work. hahaha 🙂

and then Arum shared about her topic which is feed back. she tells us that there are 2 kinds of feed back. there are Descriptive feedback and evaluative feedback. Evaluative feedback is like grade from 1 to 10 or afective like A, B, C, D. or it could be brief comment like Good, well done or good job. but Descriptive feedback is the feedback that provide detail assessment. For example when I was in Mr. Iwan class in first semester. he gave feedback in my critical essay at that moment like this, ” Actually, you have a very good idea, but it little bit unstructured. for the next, it will be better if you make a mind map before you write. Good Job, Eritha”

and I shared about my reading material. it was about Involvement. There are 2 ways to involve the students in learning. There are Open ended questions and hands-on activity. Open-ended question is the question that have possible answer. Because it is has so many answer, the students have more chance to answer without afraid that their answer is wrong. and the second is hands-on activity.

thats all.

Eritha Aprimida