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Preparing ourselves in teaching is a kind of respectful to ourselves and also to the students. For two hours teaching, it need more than two hours preparation. This week is our group’s turn to teach in MMSEL. The successful last week group in teaching motivates us to do the other success. So, we did preparation. First, we were looking for the literature. As we know, in this course usually using Eggan and Kauchak’s book. To find it, we need to meet with Ibu Mima because the book is not in the library. However, Ibu Mima was busy and we cannot meet her. Fortunately, our fabulous Daen try to get that book and finally he met with Ibu Caesil and got it. However, the material from the book is not enough so we need other resources. The journal from the internet we choose for complete the literature. Second, we made the scenario of teaching. The scenario was about how we deliver material to our friends as students. Then we choose jigsaw reading to deliver material. To check students’ understanding, we choose “guess gesture” game. We discussed everything that we would delivere. We were so enthusiastic and solid with this preparation stuffs.

We realize that we had a lot of shortcomings in our group performances as learning facilitators in the last MMSEL Course but we are satisfied with it because we did as well as we can. With adequate preparation, we could lead the activities in accordance to the time that we had planned. Coordination among the members in our group was very good so there was no overlap in leading the activities. That was because each member of our group has a responsibility for leading the activities. Although in fact we had difficulty in finding the source of the material but in the performance we could present the right material. It was because our lecturer helped us and we were happy because our friends could understand the material that we provide and they could discuss it well through the Jigsaw method, which we applied in learning process.

We did activities such as sharing, jigsaw, lecturing and games session. What we evaluate most is on the games session. Our game is about role play and guess. So, students in a group should contribute their own role, whether they want to be someone who guess, or being a player as a student and teacher in role play. The player should play as what the paper shows, which related to the material about instructional variables. We forget to think that the students in sec A are very attractive to move, to share and to criticize in doing something. So, in the middle of games, the rule is changed. The origin rule is each group has their own player. But when we did trial session, then we felt that is not appropriate, since the class will be so noisy. That will effect to how the teacher will assess students’ understanding. Then one of students asked our group to change the rule. Then, the rule is changed to be each group has their own guesser, but the player is on the stage. Then, another things that should we evaluate is our caring to students’ time to think. Maybe because of our group is very enthusiastic, then we forgot that students need a time to think, answer the gesture that is played by their friends. We hope, another group will get the positive things from our performance. Since we believe, mistake is one way to learn more.

Ibu Mima willingness that asked us to teach did motivate our group to learn more about the topic 7 which is instructional variable to motivates students’ learning. We wanted to learn first about the topic so that we can deliver to our classmates clearly. We was thinking that ibu Mima’s aim to let us teach is to motivate us to learn about each topic. It did motivate us indeed. We browsed any material that we can used in teaching. We designed some games to attract students’ attention. We designed by our self the material, how the paper to be spreaded among peers. We tried to make them comfortable in reading so we gave some art in the reading. We included what will we taught to the learning method. Ibu Mima’s method did motivate us to learn the teach. It was so fun. We loved it. Many thanks to Ibu Mima.

Vanny Ulfah Daen Shopia