Here it is. My group finally show off. We taught in MMSEL class.

I love that i got this topic 7 which is instructional variables.

My prior knowledge about this topic is quite much :). I have read some of the topic explained in the material. For example, introductory focus. I have known it before but not in that term. I knew it as attracting students’ attention. I have done it in several of my classes. I remember one that when I taught in SMA P. for the last experience. I used eye-catching box to attract my students’ attention. Due to the lack of class participation in the class, i want to give a reward by putting the prize inside the iphone box. Wee. It was really work. All of strudents’ attention in the class was going to my iphone box. They are all asked whether the prize is truly iphone or not. Well, it is just one of my strategy to do introductory focus. As for me, this is very important part of teaching.

This topic was also motivate me to be more motivating teacher. Not motivating by saying bunch of quotes, but more motivating teacher on teaching strategies. Introductory focus, personalization, students’ involvement, feedback and assessment were several ways to promote students’ motivation. I was so impressed on personalization item. I thought that it was really motivate students. I have felt it. When i was in high school, my English teacher ask me about my hobby then she wrote my hobby beside my name in the whiteboard. I can’t pay less attentoion to her lesson. What i did was listen to her instruction and explanation. I appreciate her so much. I realized that connecting the lesson to students’ personalization is another teacher weapon to get students’ attention and participation.

Teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher and teacher were ME.


Vanny S. Efendi