The topic for this week is about Climate Variables: Creating a Motivating Environment.   Still, as last week the topic presented by some of my classmates. They are Pientha, Fredy and Shynta.  The class was very interesting. Although the activity is reading but they combine in active learning. They invite class to do games. The game is about TARGET program. We were asked to match passages, and the way is very different than before. I am motivated to learn and do other activities. It was very interesting and fun. Not only fun, but also challenging and meaningful.

The topic and activities was matching. They can create activities that relates to the topic. They made us motivated to learn. They create a motivating classroom. It is very important for us, as teacher candidate to think and learn how to create meaningful activities that motivate students.

How the topics influence me?

The topic are about order in teaching and safety in learning, developing learner’s self-efficacy, challenging task, task comprehension and TARGET program that gives the new way of our teaching. The wonderful lecturer asked me to read about challenging task and made me master about it. I think it is new for me and very useful. The challenging task not always to be hard, the important is how to make our students critics in thinking and relevant for students.

From this session I really want to apply TARGET program as soon as. For developing students’ self-efficacy and safety in learning, I often read and was not new for me. My prior knowledge helps me to more understand about that. I really concern about how to make safety in learning because I have bad experience that relates to this. I ever felt afraid to go to school because there is teacher who made me not safety in classroom.  This part challenge me to create the way of teaching that make my students feel safety in classroom and comfortable in learning. So, they will reach their goals.

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