This week, i learned about chapter six; climate variables- creating a motivating environment. Pientha et all, explained us about the material with so meaningfull activities. First, they talked about  order and safety, developing learner self efficacy, task comprehension, challanging task, and TARGET program.

Order was defined as daily instruction that needs agreement in classroom. it was like in SD kembang for example, to take one assignment is in a box, then if we finished with that assignment we put it in other box and take other assignment in another box that has been agreed by all participants (teachers and students in the classroom). Safety defined as safe feeling that motivate students to learning wheather its physical or emotional.

For developing learner self efficacy, we had four recomendations.

  1. Define students’ parameter of succes and failures and set the goals
  2. Belief about succes and failures toward their goals (percaya bahwa kemampuan mereka bisa mencapai sukses)
  3. Accomodate the diversities of students learning style
  4. Set the goal standard

Task comprehension, it means that the activities that teacher created is meaningfull, emphasize on whats important for them .

Challange, the keyword of this is appropriate, HOT (higher order thingking), and meaningfull for students. Appropriate means we did not give SMA task to SD students, right?aprropriate in the level of thingking. HOT, higher order thingking should be involved if teacher wants to give challanging task. Meaningfull, it means that fun is actually ok. But the essence of learning dont make it leave behind. Teacher should give students maningfull learning.

Pientha’s group motivates me to learn this topic, through the activities that is very creative and challenging. They succeded to impress me and give meaning about what they are trying to teach us. I did learning by doing, through activities they gave us.

in my senior high school, that was x teacher. he always gave us drilling question and limited time provided. sometimes he add some motivation like “kalo gak bisa ngerjain ini, berarti nanti gk bisa UN“.

I think this teacher sometimes give us challenge through his drilling question and limited time. but he did not accommodate the diversity of learning. this teacher did not develop self efficacy of learner, so that students was getting used to “slalu disuapin”. he also emphasize on the task comprehension, it is meaningful for students to make them succeed in UN. but he did not have any daily instruction that needs agreement among him and his students, it was like up to the teachers.

it was our job to make students feeling safe, succeed, and challenged in classroom. so, learn to make the classroom atmosphere become motivating is kind of homework for me. read a lot, to change a lot. positively 🙂