On this 10th week, we learn much about TARGET. What is TARGET? Yah, that’s really Indonesian. Anyway, TARGET is stand for Task, Authority, Recognition, Grouping, Evaluation and Time. TARGET is a program that really related to the climate variables, which is related to how teacher create motivating environment in class. Of course the answer is not go to teacher’s room. 😀

What I learnt also in this week is what the significance of making order and safety, rules and procedure in the classroom. I did have experience and reflection in teaching experience program last month. The first time I taught the class, the students is very noisy, I think that was normal because they are social students who do not like science, moreover mathematics. Then I did the reflection, how teacher is not wise to judge students because of that reason. Then, in a second meeting at another time in a same day, I applied rules before starting the class. Then, students try to be more quite and can cooperate well during the learning process. I asked students to have a rule during my class, about what can and cannot they do. Then we make promise to keep the rule and remembering each other. It was really successful, that most of students pay attention well to me when I explain, we respect each other. The climate class was very positive and warm. How I miss them, now . Poor me, I just have two times to teach in that class. It’s a big hope, to have students who can cooperate well, have good self regulatory to choose what way they want to learn.

Another think I learn in this meeting is about challenging task. How we as a teacher can make the task meaningful, full of sense and worth for the students. As a learner who is given the task, it’s important to know the use of the task. As a teacher also could make the students perceive the task meaningful and has the critical view of students to think, share and reflect. Those things can make fun learning that will support create good climate class condition.

The supporting part of this week meeting is, what we learn is applied in class. The challenging task was completed meaningfully and fun also. The activity is we have to match the TARGET program with the description about that. In a group, we compete to finish the task as quick as possible, of course the answer should be perfect and match. The winner of this game will get coki-coki. My group answer’s are all right, but we just leave a few second from Vanny’s group. Then, my group should take a deep disappointed. Hhe. But all are fine, because we learn much from this activity. Good job for Pientha, Synta, Fredy, and Eritha who was absent. All of you has done the great one.

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