This week it’s time to our friends fredy, pientha and synta who guided us to learn mmsel course. The topic that to be discussed is climate variables, that consists of: Order and Safety, Success & Failure, Challenging Task, & Task Comprehension. In the end of the lesson we also learn about TARGET program. In the beginning of teaching and learning, we discussed in groups about climate variables, after that we present in front of the class about that topic. After learn about that topic i remember when i taught in teaching experience, i think I ever gave class order and safety. I told students to follow the rule in class, for example to follow my instruction directly, to speak kindly and be respect of what others have said, try to solve problem by themselves first before ask the problem to me (if they found hard in order to solve the problem), if students want to collect their assignment only one people in each row seat who collect it, walk quietly in the classroom and the last is try to not hurt others. When the rule is broken by some students I would remind them to follow what I say in the beginning of class. As the result, I felt the students more understand and respect to others.  Success and failure, it connects with students goals. If there is students who have high goals we should motivated them to achieve their goals, it can makes students feel that the teacher is care of them and it can increase students’ motivation.

The last lesson is TARGET program. TARGET is Task, Authority, Recognition, Grouping, Evaluation, and Time.  The topic is given through games. I think the games of this week that given by our friends is very challenging. We must to match the definition with the sentence that has meaning about TARGET. The definition is very complicate to understand, we must to think more hardly to find the meaning of them. I think it is a part of challenging task because the task make us to think more critically, it also meaningful learning. TARGET itself is

What I learn in this week is, we must to know how to make the task challenge for students, and we also must believe the students that have high goals so we can motivate them to reach it but do not underestimate their high goals.  Develop TARGET program for manage classroom is a ways to encourage students to engage in activities for focus on learning.

That’s all my reflection for this week. thanks 🙂

Anugrah Meti Suryani 2009110021