Tenth week learn MMSEL course, we learn deeper about motivation. This week we thought by our friends, they are Synta and Pientha, we learn about topic 6 which is has five subs topic. Like in the previous meeting with Ester and Icha, we also did an active learning. We made some groups and each group will discuss about one sub topic. Subtopic that we would to discuss are Order and Safety, Success; Developing Learner self-efficacy, Challenge; Increasing perceptions of competence, Task comprehension; Increasing feelings of autonomy and value, and the last subtopic is The TARGET program.

After we discuss and write our discuss result in a flipchart about twenty minutes, we present our subtopic. First group explain about Order and Safety. Based on their explanation, Order means that daily instruction that have made with agreement between the teacher and students. And safety means that a comfortable feeling of physical and emotional. Because of pronunciation word “Safety” sounds like my name, so they ask about safety with me. Hhmm…

The second group is our group, Success; Developing Learner self efficacy. Our group discuss about what are the points to develop learner self efficacy. And based on our discussion, to develop learner self efficacy we have to:
– Clarify different perspective of success, such as define clearly of success and failure and set the goal
– Belief about success and failure toward their goal
– Accommodate the diversity of student’s learning style
– State the goal standard.

The third group discuss and explain about how to Increase perception of competence and the fourth group about Task Comprehension. After we did the presentation session, Synta and Pientha create a game, this game is about the TARGET program for motivation and related variable in the model for promoting student behavior. TARGET it self is an acronym from Task, Authority, Recognition, Grouping, Evaluation, and Time. So in this game we describe the definition of each component of TARGET, and we determine the related variable(s) in the model for promoting student motivation with TARGET category.

Overall, our learning activity that day was so interesting, and so active. It can motivate us to interest to learn this topic and make us more understand by covering the material with games and some active activity.

That all my reflection,
Thank you 