This week is the second week that I learned the materials in MMSEL class from my classmates. They are Fredy, Pientha and Synta (actually Eritha also, but she got ill then she couldn’t teaching). They designed class setting as usual at the beginning, but almost at the end they changed the class setting became more fun, friendly, enjoyable, and togetherness. They asked us to sit on the floor.


Fredy, Pientha and Synta applied the teaching strategy and method in good way. As the previous group, the class divided into some groups (Each groups has the same responsible such that do presentation about the materials that they got, but get different materials.) to do group discussion and presentation plus question and answer session. They also used the same method but they added the method by asking “How to relate the subtopic to our topic: Creating Motivating Classroom” after the group presented their presentation and for learning the next material at the same time, they gave us reading’s paper (TARGET) and mix n’ match games which still related to the reading’s paper. Q/A session and games are very useful to keep the teaching and learning process staying on the track, get the goals of this topics and made us reflecting on the real practice in classroom “How these concepts can be maximized in real the classroom setting and made us (students and teacher also) more thinking deeply about the materials and clarified our understanding. The method that my classmates applied in their teaching increased my learning motivation. It made me think critically to understand the materials more and reflect to myself.


In short, the class session of this week is enough meaningful even the materials is enough complicated and need our critical thinking to understand this materials. Fredy, Pientha, and Synta had teaching well even they just as facilitator which gave, instruction, direction and help students to undertstand the materials. Good Job!


This week, class learned about Climate variables in Motivating Classroom. On the first part, we learned about Order and Safety which is classrooms as secure places to learn, Success which is developing learner self-efficacy, Challenge which is increasing perceptions of competence and self-determination, and Task Comprehension which is increasing perceptions of autonomy and value. The materials made me reflecting and think back when I was in school. For Order and Safety, when I was in elementary school, my teacher pressed me to be able achieving his/her (my teacher) goals of learning, as the example when teacher asked all of students to memorize multiplication. At that time, I did not feel enjoyable and comfortable in class during teaching and learning process. For Success, I reflected to myself and already realized that everyone has different perspective of success, beliefs about success and failure, different learning style, and goals standard. For example, I have standard of success when I can achieve my dreams and in my minds, failure is the things which almost success and it just still need effort to make it goals. For Challenge, I saw my elementary teacher as my challenging to study hard and prove to my teacher that I can do well, also when all of my friends thought what I thought that the memorizing multiplication is a challenging, I saw and felt competency in my class. For Task Comprehension, I understood and realized that what I did yesterday, what I am doing today, what I will do tomorrow is the process to achieve my goals.


Next materials, I learned about TARGET which is an acronym of Task, Authority, Recognition, Grouping, Evaluation, and Time. By learning TARGET, I understood that these acronyms are application from the theories that we have already learned into real classroom. For example, recognition describes learning progress. In short, we as teacher recommend applying this method to make us easier when we do teaching and learning in real classroom. 🙂