This week, I learn a nice content is about “TARGET” for creating motivation with nice lecture, Pienta, Fredy and Shinta. First, I will explain about their teaching and how to motivate their students. Then, I will explain the material that can motivate me.

I am very like performance. First, they expert in the content about “Climate Variable: Creating a Motivating Environment”. It is showed when they can cover and scaffold us. Second, they design nice activity that can make students more active, fun, motivate and understand the material. For example, with group discussion can make students active, participate in this group and develop students’ critical thinking. After that, with presentation group can develop students’ communication skill. Then, there is a games competition to check students’ understanding the material that has learned. Each group competes to arrange the question with the correct answer. Then, a group who can finish firstly and answer correctly will get “something”. The last, I like their professional to teach us although us as their friends.

When, we did group discussion, my group discuss about “Success : Developing Learner Self Efficacy”. The content is very useful for us as a teacher candidate to developing our students self efficacy, so we can create their motivation to reach their goals, especially goal in the teaching and learning. Based on our discussion (Sufi, Ester and Septi), we conclude that so many aspect that have to do by teacher to develop learner self efficacy. There are:
• Defined clearly students own parameter of success and failure
• Set the goal standard in the learning
• Sett students goals
• Make students believe about their success and failure toward their goals
• Accommodate the diversity of students’ learning style

Besides that, I also learn from other group. There are four variables that can create a motivation environment. Order and safety, success: developing learner self efficacy, challenge: increasing perception of competence, and task comprehension: increasing feeling goal theory in classroom. I learn more from my friends’ presentation. It is clear.

The last one, I learn about TARGET. It is very interesting one. TARGET here is about acronym that can create students motivation, Task, Authority, Recognition, Grouping, Evaluation and Time. Every these word have great meaning to create the motivation. That is can motivate me also as a teacher candidate to apply them. Nice