“There is no football player who can be outstanding without the outstanding team, also there is no student can be outstanding without the outstanding class and teacher (Lega Problema, 2011)”. To make every outstanding success in life, we need others. In school, there are 3 essential characters, i.e. student, teacher and class. The three of them are the team. So, how should each of them have to support each other to make outstanding success? I learnt the influence factors from that micro teaching, from the group who presented. Those factors will we elaborate below.

The first factor is “Be Self-Regulated Learner”. Every student has to be self-regulated learner. It’s absolutely important to make the outstanding success. Students have to be able to setting their goal(s) and then monitor it continuously.  Every student has to have their own goal(s), what are them, how to succeed their goal(s) and what should be monitored continuously. Students must realize about that. Becoming self-regulated learner, students will be able to make any kind of improvement based on their monitoring. It’s very helpful for every single student in class.

The second factor is “Class Structure”. There are 2 kinds of it, i.e. mastery-focused classroom and performance-focused classroom. The mastery-focused classroom more emphasize to demonstrating high ability. However, the performance-focused classroom more emphasize to ability to compare the ability to others.

The third factor is “Teacher Characteristics”. Teacher is the powerful character to give the extrinsic motivation to students or class or to awaken the intrinsic motivation of students to reach their goal(s) in learning. But, have to be remembered that before giving motivation to others, teacher has to be able to motivate him/herself first. He/she has to be considerate to his/her single student, whether they still walk in right way or need to be motivated to make them straight again.

Thus, the three of those factors are the team to make any outstanding success in school. The solid collaboration of them in the learning process will be very impactful for reaching learning goal(s) and success. So, thanks for the group who had gladly shared their knowledge about those. I was very appreciate and got many new things from that.