I this meeting, my class do the second do micro teaching. The group who delegated to teach was Fredy, Pientha and Synta. They shared about Climate Variable: Creating a Motivating Environment. By this meeting, I learnt new things. For example was about TARGET. Obviously it is not word, but abbreviation. Have you known? Okay, let me explain the fully learning process at that time.

At the early meeting, we were divided into some groups. We were instructed to explain about Order and Safety, Success, Challenge and Task Comprehension. I was on same group with Sabrine, Anggi and Daen. We got job to do presentation at the first. Did you know what happened? Everyone who forced to do anything surely was “ABLE”. Although we didn’t finish our preparation, we presented confidently and we could do that. We explained about Order and Safety well. After that, we visited on the other groups’ gallery to learn about Success, Challenge and Task Comprehension. I thought this method was good. Firstly, the method to do micro teaching and secondly, the way to deliver materials by group gallery learning. So, we can learn each other.

After that, my group and I did the second activity, i.e. game and reward. Do you know what the reward is? If you don’t know, I would like to inform you. The reward was CHOKY-CHOKY. Here, we learnt about TARGET. Obviously, TARGET is abbreviation of Task, Authority, Recognition, Grouping, Evaluation and Time. That was the new input for me. Before, I had certain that TARGET was “single word”. Now I know that my belief is really wrong. Thanks friends, you have given me “brightness”. Hehehee… The activity was designed as game. In group, I checked the correct pair of words and the meanings. It was nice activity and very hands on. However, unfortunately, my group could not able to win the game and got CHOKY-CHOKY. Wkwkwkwk…

Let me describe about TARGET from each single words. Task is designed to be optimally challenging, so that students see their relevance and meaning. Authority is shared and students supported. Recognition is provided for all students who make learning progress. Grouping is designed to foster a “community of learners”. Evaluation is used to promote learning. The last, time encompassed the workload, pace instruction and the amount allocated for completing work.