This week we learn with second round group, the group with the member Pientha, Synta and Fredy also Eritha, but Eritha was sick. We learned about Climate Variable which is about creating a motivating environment and separate to 4 big parts that are order and safety, success, challenge and task comprehension and also we learned about TARGET. This week learning is fun, the group who present try to increase our motivation both intrinsically and extrinsically that we could see from what they trying to do with giving us interesting, challenging activity and also using reward “Chocolate pasta”. Instead of that, the group tried to gain attention from us as the students, they emphasize how this material would be useful and also ask the students in this meeting were us to really pay attention to them. I really appreciate how they tried hard to convince some of us who still busy with others rather than giving attention to them. However then, the learning process is flow smoothly and we then got the meaning of each what we learned using constructivist learning that facilitated by this group. Through this activity we could build understanding and also be motivate to learn this topic.

Since we talk about Climate variable and TARGET which is as told before that they both we need as teacher to create a motivating classroom, then it would be something very important for us to learn both of them. Why? Because through this I know and realize that we know that motivating students is not only through word or modeling but environment also become part of motivating aspects that we should consider. After learned this, I know as teacher I could motivate my students through implement order and safety in my class that based on our discussion this kind of things could increase students-autonomy and feeling of safety in learning area which is in classroom. I also know that to motivate our students we could use challenging task and also motivate them through belief and experience about success and failure.

In SSE the lecturer already could create order and safety in classroom. They make us as the students make agreement for the whole semester in the first meeting and also discuss with us about the consequence of that agreement. This is make me feel ‘owh this is my class, and this truly what I want from this class’ so I really enjoyed this class during the semester which is also could make me interest with the class.

That is true that success is developing learner self-efficacy, I could reflect to myself, since in elementary school, I always be one of the best students in mathematics which is now bring me that I could do any kind of mathematics and I belief that I would be better in mathematics. Now, it seen from my enthusiasm to choose become a math teachers than others and I do believe that I really good in math. Till the time I feel like a dumb in math when I getting worse in any branch of math, then I rethink again if am I really want to be in math or be a teacher of math? Huhuhu…

Anyhow, sometime challenging task could give both negative and positive effects. I really ever experienced it. My physics teacher gave us really ‘challenging problem and task’ but I think it’s not appropriate. He gave us practicum task with many measurement of it, at the first we really excited, but then we realized the time is not appropriately adjust with the task, then many of us just fill the question with random numbers as we like not think it any well. It different when my Javanese teacher ask us to make a free kind of speech and present it in front of the class. It made my friend and I try hard to do the best because we really don’t want to make a mistake in front of our friend, they evaluate others. Teacher also gave appropriate time also guide in this. From this lesson, I learn something, challenging task not always build motivation if we did it with the wrong way. As teacher we should reconsider again how we gave challenging task to students.

Actually in my high school, my teacher really seldom to talk about task comprehension. Might be it also our fault because we didn’t ask what is the utility value of that task.

Also TARGET, the topic of this week, its actually an acronym of Task, Authority, Recognition, Grouping, Evaluation and Time. TARGET here is in the mean of program for motivation and related variables in the model for Promoting student behavior. It relates to climate variables. So as teacher then, we could apply the goal theory in classroom which is consist of the acronym and also very well relate to climate variables like we already learned before.

Keep Learning 🙂