This week is the turn for my group to do the teaching for topic 10: Climate variables in Motivating Classroom.

Our group consist of four members but Eritha could not come on that day because she was ill. So, there are Pientha, Fredy and I who taught that day.
We prepared the materials by searching on internet and also from books. It was difficult and confusing because this is our first time.

The main focus of today’s topic is about creating motivating classroom. We bring some reading materials to discussed in groups. Firstly, we devide the class in to four groups so each group get one different topic. The reading materials is about Climate Variables, there are:

  1. Order and Safety: Classrooms as Secure Places to Learn
  2. Success: Developing Learner Self-Efficacy
  3. Challenge: Increasing Perceptions of Competence and Self-Determination
  4. Task Comprehension: Increasing Perceptions of Autonomy and Value

After the discussion, each group had to present the result of their discussion to the class. Other groups also asked many critical questions about the topic. This is very helpful for us to learn from the class discussion like this. We share one another. One important question should be answered by each group is How to relate that topic to our main focus: Creating Motivating Classroom. This is very useful to keep our discussion stay on the track. And also, we have to always reflect on the real practice in classroom. How these concepts we have learned can be maximized in real the classroom setting.

After that, we give the next reading material. It is about TARGET Program: Applying Goal Theory in Classrooms.
T.A.R.G.E.T Program are:

  • Task
  • Autonomy
  • Recognition
  • Grouping
  • Evaluation
  • Time

We discuss together to see and conclude what is relationship between TARGET Program and Climate Variables. We build the conclusion from the reading together. This activity is really helpful for me to understand it better. Although I have read it before, but from our discussion, I get the concept clearer now.

To evaluate our learning, we do a game. The game was very fun. I enjoy watching my friends compete each other to win the “award” which is Coki-Coki. They do their best to complete the task as fast as possible. The point of this activity is not about winning or not. Here, we tried to create a fun environment in learning but still have to be meaningful.

I’m so glad that our class run smoothly based on what we have planned.I learn a lot from this experience. It’s very good to learn together by sharing like this. 🙂