November 29th 2011


I really enjoy this session  \(‘⌣’)/
Maybe I can say that our class is like kindergarten, play and learn. But I still find the essential of this session.
Topic 6 about Climate Variable is held by Synta, Pientha, and Fredy (actually Eritha is their group member, but she cannot come to the class because of sick). They give the topic well. They divide the class into four groups and get different topic to be discussed. Sub topics are about order & safety, success, challenge, and task comprehension, my group discuss about task comprehension. Synta’s group plays their role as my lecturer. They motivate us by observing all groups and asking us if we have some problems. Then, they also make a games for us. They motivate us by giving “choki-choki” for the winner in that game. Game is still around the topic. We have to find the suitable statement that explains about climate variables. It is not easy actually, but they always motivate me (and my friends) so that we can finish it well. They are good in encouraging (˘⌣˘). My group’s answers are correct actually, but we are slower than Vanny’s group, so we do not get “choki-choki” (っ╯_╰c). I like their method to encourage and support us. Good !!!
Now is about the content itself. Content is about climate variables, these are order & safety, challenge, success, and task comprehension. Firstly, I get confuse what these topics talking about, but actually topics are easy to be understood. These topics really useful for us (as teacher candidate) to build our confidence to be a teacher then. We have to know how to create a motivating environment. Order and safety are talking about the class condition physically, then how to make agreement between students and teacher, because they are the main subject in the class. Besides that, it is talking about students feeling in learning in the class which is comfort or not. Then, topic is about success. Success is talking about students’ self-efficacy. Each student has different standard of success, then they also have a goal to state that they already success if they reach their goal. As teacher, we have to be able to accommodate their different needs of success. We cannot consider that point 90 is great score for all students, maybe some students say that 100 is the great score (as their goal/standard). The third is about challenging. Challenging here is talking about how to increase students’ perception of competence. Teacher has to know the way to develop the task for students so that they will be more challenging to face the higher level of task. Besides that, teacher should encourage students to master the content. Students are better have mastery orientation than performance orientation, so they can know the essential of learning itself. The last is about task comprehension. It is talking about increasing feelings of autonomy and value, which is learners’ awareness of what they are supposed to be learning and an understanding of why the task is important and worthwhile (Eggen & Kauchak, 2002). If they have been aware, their feelings of autonomy will increase. Then they are able to make a timeline, which is more important to be done first, second, and so on.

The other topic is about TARGET program. Target is Task, Authority, Recognition, Grouping, Evaluation, and Time. it is nice, isn’t it? 😀 . Task is related to challenge and task comprehension, authority is related to order and safety, recognition is related to success, grouping is related to classroom climate variables, evaluation is related to success, and time is related to task comprehension.

I get many important and interest thing in this session :). Becoming a teacher is a way that full of learning and evaluating. When I through the way, I focus on my goal and still aware to the process inside.


God bless

Arum Febriani