This week on MMSEL course I felt different situation. The different was the lecturer, for the previous classes we taught by Bu Mima but this week we taught by Fredy, Synta, Arum and Pientha. Actually, that was not the first time our class taught by the students, because the previous week our class taught by my own group, but because I got ill I could not attend the class, so it was the first time for me on MMSEL course taught by my own friends. First thing that appeared in my mind for that time is could the groups manage the class situation? I thought that to manage the class situation is not an easy work; it needs a good collaborative work because in consideration the group consists of four persons.

The group opened the class by using a unique way. Two of the group members asked us to follow their gesture. They asked us to move our thumbs to the right and to the left but our “kelingking” should follow the thumbs. I really enjoyed this opening section since it was a difficult thing for me to do that and it needs a hard work for me to balance my movement. The group explained that this activities represent about how we balancing our left and right brain. I also felt that this activity made me more relax and ready to begin the study.

The topic that the group delivered was about Climate Variables: Creating a Motivating Environment. How the group open the topic was interesting. They didn’t explain it first but they asked the students to explore the topic by themselves. The group divided us into some groups and they asked the group to discuss different subtopic. They gave each group different papers and asked us to explore and found the content from the article or papers.

The subtopic that our group should be discussed was about success and the main case was about how success developing learner self efficacy. I enjoyed the discussion, because together we explored the article and then shared our ideas. From the discussion, we explored that every one has different perspectives or values about success. There are perhaps some students who felt that their success is when they got 100 for their mathematics work, but perhaps other students think that 80 is enough and they already success.

It is also important to set a parameter of success so that there is a standard how to measure the success it self. For example in the school, one of the parameter of the success is when the students can get 75 for their assignment. 75 score is the standard for their success. It is also important for teacher to responds different learning needs of the students so that they will have equal rights to reach their success. The last is to reach success, it need to set the goal.

I enjoyed the discussion process. I could felt that my friend really help me to explore the topic and I enjoyed their brilliant ideas about the topic. I also like our collaborative work when we had to present our discussion result in front of the class. Every group member got opportunity to explain the points of the discussion result.

After all groups present their work, the group explained that actually what the group’s discus has relatedness. The main topic actually is about TARGET. TARGET is an acronym from Task, Authority, Recognition, Grouping, Evaluation and Time. These elements are important elements to create a motivating environment.

Task is about how to optimally challenge the students, so that the students see their full potentiality. Authority is how to make students felt that they are appreciated and supported. Recognition is how we accept the students and make them felt already accepted to help learning process, grouping is when we want to conduct a community of learners, evaluation is used to promote students learning and time is how the class dealing with the schedule and also how the students allocated the time to finish their work.

One problem that appeared in my mind about this target is can I if I become a teacher covered all of those elements? Can I create a motivating environment so I should fulfill this TARGET in my classroom? I believe that it will be a hard work for me to apply these elements to create a motivating environment. How I can deal with challenging task but in other side I know that every student have different ability. How I can give the authority for the students, but I sure that we should have a border so that their authority is not out of context or in the right way. How I can ensure that by grouping will help students to learn more and to get better understanding. How about the evaluation and the time? Can I manage these elements? This questions is not need to answer now. These “How” are my reflection that when I become a teacher, I have many things to be considered. Teaching is need skills.

I really appreciated what the group has done for MMSEL course this week. The last activity that I really love, maybe my most favorite activity on that day is when the group asked us to solve a task and for the fastest will get Choki-Choki. All of us compete to get Choki-Choki. I saw that by using Choki-Choki, it can increase our motivation to become the fastest group. That day is Choki-Choki day 🙂