On this week, our MMSEL class was taught by Mr. Fredy, Ms. Pientha and Ms. Synta. Unfortunately, Ms. Eritha could not join this team teaching because she was sick. They were teaching us about safety and order (rules and procedure), success developing learners’ self-efficacy, how to increase perception of competence, and task comprehension: increasing feelings of autonomy and value. To teach these topics our lecturers divided us into 4 groups, and I get the fourth group which discussed about task comprehension. After the group discussion we did presentation, hence we get knowledge of all topics at once, hehe J

From the group presentation of safety and order, order is daily instruction or agreement in classroom. Rules and procedures that we have in SSE: be punctual, respect each other and procedures when did presentation. Safety is a comfortable feeling of physical and emotional. Both order and safety can be a guide to predict how learning environment will be created and it is also effect on learner autonomy. Next presentation was the success developing learners’ self-efficacy group. Set goals and state goals standard during teaching and learning process is a must, since both teacher and students have different perception on success. Why? Because the important things of this issue are teacher should set students beliefs that they can success on learning process and teacher should accommodate the diversities of students’ learning style. Next presentation was the third group, how to increase perception of competence. Challenging task is on of the best way to increase students’ perception toward competence. There are 3 things that needs to be consider to conduct challenging task, first is the task should be appropriate to students’ capability, second is the task must create students critical thinking and the last is meaningful. To deliver challenging task, teacher need to give opportunity for students to choose what kind and how challenging task will be done and be present by them.  Teacher also needs to promote fun and motivating learning when deliver challenging task. At last teacher has to give feedback (e.g. strategy and competence) toward students’ work. And the last is my group presentation, task comprehension: increasing feelings of autonomy and value. Task comprehension means to learners’ awareness of what they are supposed to be learning and an understanding of why the task is important and worthwhile. And how task comprehension contributes in increasing students’ feelings of autonomy is through understanding what they are learning and why they are learning it so they can choose what method that they think best to done the task. And how it impact their feelings or belief of value is through knew that the task is meaningful they can meet the useful of the task for reach future goals (that the task is useful for their life or applicable). As with success, a challenging task would not increase motivation to learn if students do not perceive it as meaningful and worth understanding (Vavilis & Vavilis, 2004).

After the group presentation, we learn the TARGET program: applying goal theory in classrooms. TARGET it self is acronym of task, authority, recognition, grouping, evaluation and time. This TARGET program is related to the climate variable that we learn before for promoting student motivation. Task is design to be optimally challenging, so that students see their relevance and meaning. It relatedness toward climate variable are challenge and task comprehension, for example the task is to proof the circle theorem, beside it is challenging and meaningful, students have an autonomy to choose whether they will use poster to  explain their answer or use description writing technique. Make sure that they are free to choose based on their interested.

Authority is shared with students and exercised with consideration of their needs and feelings. It relatedness toward climate variable are safety and order. For example to conduct classroom rules case, students have authority to participate together to make a decision of classroom rules. While recognition is how students who make learning progress were known. It related to success climate variable. Teacher can give praised, prize or awards as the application of recognition program. Next is grouping, grouping is to set up a learning community that features collaborative norms and expectations. Grouping is related to classroom climate variable. Next is evaluation program, evaluation is used to promote learning. Evaluation is related to success variable.  In this evaluation program teacher should consider not only about students’ work or result but also students’ improvement. Teacher did not only focus on one criteria guided assessment but also more for example: how students’ progress to achieve task goals, how students communicate their answer by their own words, and many other. The last is time, teacher should be careful on giving schedule, some students might need extra time to did the task or activity that teacher gave. Hence, let students manage the time (give them autonomy). So this program is related to task comprehension variable.

These all material was what I have got from this week (I hope I did not make any mistake). While the teaching and learning going on, I realize that our lecturers have applying directly. They give the rules and procedure for group discussion and presentation. They also promote fun learning by giving us a Choki-Choki game. It did meaningful for me. Those all activity was very useful for me as the new generation of teacher.

I think that is all from me. Thank you.

Richa Fatimah

To Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning Course.