This Monday is my group turn. We were sorry that one of the member of our group which is Eritha can’t come because of she was sick. So there are Synta, Freddy and I should teach that day.

I felt confused about the material because I have already searching in the internet to find the material and I did not get it. We get the material about the climate variables and the TARGET program to support students’ motivation to learn. We talked much about the classroom variables that can impact and increase students’ motivation.

Actually, when I opened the classroom, I found some students are not ready to learn which they are still busy with their laptop. I tried to call them assertively and ask to respect to me. Well, he is my friend but I need him as my student. Being a teacher sometimes we have to control our emotion in the classroom.

Then we moved to the climate variables. There are 4 parts on it and we asked them to work in groups to make presentation. I want to focus on two classroom variables that we discuss; Challenge and Task Comprehension. I just remembered when I was in high school, my English teacher, Mr.F is taught my class in different methods. He was not using any lecturing but he asked us how we want to learn English from him. I did not know why he asked us that question but he gave us voice to learn or else Autonomy, which is one of the factors of Task Comprehension conduct. He gave us choice to use individual assignment or group assignment. We choose group assignment and from that time he divides us into 5 groups. He also gave us a Challenge task which is games. It was weird from us but from the games we got much lesson. We can learn how to work in group and we can learn the materials by our self. My friends and I are really motivated to learn English with him. And we also wait for his class. From the activities, it pictured the supportive learning environment to learn, that is why our English score for that semester is excellent.

For my self, classroom environment is the main point to help students to learn in the classroom. When students were feeling safe and comfortable in the class, I believe that student can also want to learn. They motivation to learn can also increase too. But in order to make a supportive classroom, practically it was really hard. I need more time and more experience in exercising how to manage the classroom. But when I read the TARGET program, it helps me to picturing what should I do next in my teaching experience. That’s all my reflection for this week. I am soo sorry for those who did not get the Choki-choki. 😉