Again, MMSEl’s course was guided by my friends, they are Fredy, Synta, and Pientha. They facilitated us to learn about climate variables.

In beginning, there are like ice breaking which is to balanced right-left of brain by utilizing our fingers and the rules is they obtained for us.

And we are divided into some groups, each group consists of four students, and each students should to present of mini topic itself. The whole topic is about Climate Variables, which consisted of: Order & Safety, Success, Challenge, Task Comprehension, and TARGET Program. All sub topic was explained by us with group presentation, instead of TARGET Program.

Climate variables will create a motivating environments. Why it will be a motivating environment? As I learn in this Class:

– By giving: clear rule and agreement, it will give order and safety in classroom. Order and Safety are very important to apply in the class. When I was in Secondary School, before the class was began, my teacher gave rule with students for leaning process later, it seems like a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU was created on approving between teacher and also students. And, I felt, making an agreement (MoU) before the class was began is very important.

-Everybody has a chance to speak in public zone, as well as for students. The teacher needs to give an opportunity for all students who wants to . speak, brainstorm, or sharing of their own mind. Hopefully, it will increase students’ self-efficacy. Hence, an successful can be felt by all students. :-). I have a friend, she told that she didn’t want to speak again in the class, because when she want to speak, her teacher just ignored her and if she are allowed to speak, her speaking was not appreciated. From my friend’s experience, I see that what her teacher done was very affect exactly towards students’ motivation.

– Providing a challenging task for students. There are some students who are more motivate when they accepted a challenging task. In this case, challenging task means that the task is : appropriate, increase student’s critical thinking, and meaningful. The challenging task could be given on task comprehension. In task comprehension, students are given a setting goals of the course itself. Example, if teacher asked students to complete the task and s(h)e said that the task will be able in exam (1). The teacher give a task, and s(h)e told to students about tasks’ objectives that the task is very important to be learn, because the course is meaningful(2). From example (2), students will be more motivated when they know the setting goals of the course that they learn.

The last session, there is a competition between group. We should to match between the term and the explanation. It suns out of topics are about TARGET Program, which means an abbreviation from: Task, Authority, Recognition, Group, Evaluation, and Time. The fastest and right answer will be the winner. Unfortunately, my group was failure for this competition. It’about the fastest, we are enjoy the game, till we forgot the time, hence we failure in time, although our group was true at all. 😦

As teacher candidate, I have to create a motivating classroom with consider to climate variables, that consists of: Order and Safety, Success & Failure, Challenging Task, & Task Comprehension.