This week we learned MMSEL differently. The lecturers were Richa and Ester, students of the class itself. I wonder why Bu Mima applied this method to teach MMSEL. Is it for the sake of learning by teaching or it was just simply to lessen her burden? :p What a rude wondering! Of course it was for our own (students) sake. The fact was I learned a lot this week. The strategy used by the ‘lecturers’ was group discussion. My group had to discuss on types of class which are performance focus class and mastery focus class. These materials I think related to class management topic that is being our focus in this second-half semester. The material talked about how a teacher wants to make his/ her class be focus on; whether it’s on the students’ learning outcome or students’ learning process. There are several characteristics on each class type. We had explained it on the class so I will not repeat that here.

What did I learn then? First, teachers have great power in determining students’ learning style. If a teacher only care on the score, it might make the students to be shortcut-takers. It may create future leaders who will do anything to reach their aims. The teacher focus in class my define students’ habits, in this case a result oriented habit. I am not saying that it is bad because sometimes real world really only cares on our result not the effort. However, we also need to teach students that process is also important, even sometimes more important than the result. Next thing I learned was teacher is a role model for the students. At first, I was totally agreed with the proverb. Then, I think again. Being a role model means that students have to imitate the teacher. So, does it also mean that the students may not exceed the teacher? Well, it was just my short consideration after all.

At least, I can’t wait to take a turn in teaching in MMSEL class. (That is the last week!)

Firzie B. Ravasia