This week is my group’s turn to conduct teaching in mmsel class. Actually, my group consist of four person, but because eritha was sick, so only synta, pientha and me who conduct the teaching. Our topic was about climate variables in classroom. Climate variable itself is talking about the variables that influence students’ motivation to learn in classroom environment. There are several kinds of climate variable, some of them are task comprehension, order and safety, students’ success, and Challenging task.

Creating a secure, safe and orderly placed classroom is a very important thing that teacher should do in their teaching practice. By creating such learning environment, students will feel safe and comfortable to learn, thus their focus and learning motivation will increase.

Task comprehension is also important to maintain students’ motivation.  Letting the students know and understand what they are learning, and the reason why they are asked to do so, will make the students value the task assigned to them and feel the autonomy given to them, this will increase their motivation in doing the task.

Keeping and maintaining students’ self-efficacy, by helping and letting the students to be success on the task that they think as challenging will increase their feelings of competence and autonomy, which at the same time will also increase their intrinsic motivation.

From what we already try to cover in the class, there is one other subtopic that also important and very relate to our teaching practices. It was T.A.R.G.E.T program.  The categories in this program correspond to all the climate variables that we teach in the class.

In conducting our teaching, we try to implement those climate variables in the class and also TARGET Program, although not all of them can be covered in our teaching, but having almost all the students learning this topic very enthusiastically, increase our own self-efficacy as teacher who teach this topic.

fredy maulana