This week, my group have our chance to be the “facilitator” for our class learning on Topic of Climate Variables: Creating a Motivating Environment. There are four of us: Pientha, Synta, Eritha and Fredy but Eritha could not come because she was sick.

First, we opened class by doing “thumb and little” ice breaking. We did this ice breaking gain students’ attention and refresh the students. After, we got the students’ activity we start the class. When we started the class, we saw some students still busy with their own Laptop. So, Pientha asked them to close their Laptop and focus to the class. Unfortunately, we found that one of those students are not ready to learn because he still busy with his Laptop. Then we try to implement one of our matters that we will deliver to class which is Order and Safety specifically Classroom Rules that everyone should respect to people who talk in front of the class.  

Next, we make them into 4 groups. After that we distributed the reading material for helping them to learn about the classroom variables. We asked each of the group to read and discuss the different reading material. Then, their discussion result will be present in front of the class so that they will learn another material from another group. Indirectly, we implement Task Comprehension by asked them to make the presentation but we make them free to choose the format for presentation.

What surprising is they did the presentation very well and the students very enthusiastic to present and give comment to other presentations. It shows that students are feeling Success to finish and understand the material. Success here is used to developing students self-efficacy. And task comprehension is related with the Success.

After presentation we asked them to do silent reading about TARGET program and then answered our questions about TARGET program. We also relate the TARGET program with the classroom variables together in front of the class. After that we conclude together how TARGET program can help teacher to motivate students to learn in the classroom.

After that we did game. We named this game Matching Game. In that game they should match the definition and the description of TARGET program.  In the game we implement the behaviorist motivation to win the game to get the “choki-ckoki”. Many of them are disappointed because they did not get the ”choki-choki” (sorry J). We gave them this game to make them more understanding about the TARGET program and also we try to implement the one of the classroom variables which is Challenge. Challenge is used to increasing perception of competence and Self-Determination.

The class was very fun and we learn many things together. It’s true that by teaching other it can make you understand better. This is what we experience.